Upgrading for gta iv

Im planning to upgrade my PC a little but not a full upgrade, I will get an SLI setup later once GTA IV fully supports it.

Here is my current setup:

CPU: AMD X2 64 4200+
Motherboard: AMD M2n
Video: Geforce 9600 GT 512mb DDR3
Sound: SB Audigy
Ram: 2GB OCZ
PSU: 450W

Currently running GTA IV on medium settings my average FPS sucks, its about 18 avg fps.

I want to upgrade to this: (keep in mind in a few weeks ill be popping in another 9600 gt card for SLI once gta iv supports it)

CPU: AMD X2 64 5600
Motherboard: M2N32-SLI Deluxe
Video: Will be the same
Ram: 3GB OCZ
PSU: 650W

So ill be upgrading the CPU, motherboard adding 1 gig of ram and upgrading the power supply. Do you think this will be enough to get around 30 avg fps in GTA IV.
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  1. Would not think so.
    If you are doing a mobo swapout check out an Intel rig with a Q9xxx at the heart and go from there. Ive read a few topics on GTA4 and it seems people really benefit from having a Quad. I cant with a clear concience recommend the current Phenoms - i have one but it was a bargain and thats the only reason i bought it.

    There are rigs with Nvidia 280's that have issues with this game so you are potentially going to be limited by your GPU as well.

    Why 3gb RAM and not 4GB? RUnning x86 OS? Make sure you do not shortchange yourself on a crappy PSU especially if you want to go SLI. If its a good brad name 600w PSU then its unlikely you will have any issues as long as you arent running 20 HDD's :D
  2. I have to agree on the CPU. Would consider Intel as well. Also I would say the 3GB RAM should be enough.

    Well I don't know about the GPU. I'm running it on HD4870 with 3GB RAM and i7 920 and get about 35-38FPS
  3. Yeah I understand about the CPU the thing is im on a budget and also Ive never used Intel in over 13 years of a PC owner, so what suggestions for an AMD?
  4. Budget gaming + GTA4 = bad experience. If you can accept that then your suggestion above should play it. Still i would recommend 4GB RAM, if your OS supports it.
  5. The specs I posted really isnt a budget system but I am on a budget is what I meant, its more of a midrange system. Because later ill also have SLI. The thing is I seen people post benchmarks from GTA IV and it only utilizes 50-60% of their 4gb of ram, so 3GB should be enough.
  6. Well thats some good research. Im going on the 4gb standard for Vista and assuming that you use x64 as you havent confirmed either way yet.
    I use the term budget mainly based on the proc and GPU being long in the tooth.
    I did do a quick read around though and there are some posters achieving 50fps on medium settings so ill withdraw the above ;)
    If you are on x86, sure stick to 3GB (and post those benches plx!)
  7. I would be happy with 35 AVG fps on medium settings, right now im only at 17, the bottleneck is most likely my ram, and CPU. Im under the suggested system specs for the game for both of those.
  8. With a system like that you're better off buying an Xbox 360 for $200.
  9. Yeah and ill just work from an xbox 360 too, anyway i was looking at the AMD Phenom X3 8650, I think ill get that CPU instead since its only $30 more here locally, by the way In SE Asia we dont have all the top gear available in western countries, and when they do have it the markup is insane.
  10. i dont know if GTA4 will detect 2 512mb card as 1gb with the graphics option. you might get stuck with medium details with the game which is an eyesore.

    yesterday i was a little undecided whether or not buy a 1gb 4850 or stick a 512mb version. turns out the 1gb served its purpose as i was able to cranked up the detail settings without stability issues.
  11. I never thought I would see the day people would have to upgrade their PCs to play a GTA game.
  12. I decided to go with this:

    GigaByte GA-MA790X-DS4
    PHENOM 8650
    Geforce 9600 GT (adding another card in a month)
    2 SATA 160 GB Raid 0 (will upgrade to I-Ram next month)
    3GB OCZ
    Vista 64 (currently on xp i figure i should be DX10 ready)
    650w PSU
  13. daonest said:
    I decided to go with this:

    GigaByte GA-MA790X-DS4
    PHENOM 8650
    Geforce 9600 GT (adding another card in a month)
    2 SATA 160 GB Raid 0 (will upgrade to I-Ram next month)
    3GB OCZ
    Vista 64 (currently on xp i figure i should be DX10 ready)
    650w PSU

    If your just looking to boost up those frames why not just get an SLI board for your current rig and ad an additional 9600 Gt right away instead of holding off and buying a CPU first? You'll get a much better FPS pay out with the additional GPU then you will with upgrading your current CPU, you can always upgrade the CPU at a later time if you get the right motherboard. Or else you could just skip the 9600 GT SLI al together along with all the parts upgrade you want to do (memory aside) and just slam a GTX260 in your rig for less the cost of all the parts you want to swap out and it will destroy a 9600 GT SLI configuration. That 9600 GT is old news and isn't that great of a card, It's pretty low end. 2 low end cards is still just a 2X low end card.
  14. Heyyou27 said:
    With a system like that you're better off buying an Xbox 360 for $200.

    Valid point...........made me rethink my suggestion. Your cocky remark towards Heyyou27 about just working from a Xbox too doesn't help out your situation or gain you many friends as you already have a computer to work from that doesn't require you upgrade. that aside, two 9600 GT's like I stated aren't all that great and will not gain you much of a future in regards to gaming. Upgrading your hardware in order to hopefully get lightly to moderately better of an experience then the Xbox will cost you much more then just the Xbox itself.
  15. Hopefully they release an update for GTA4 that'll fix the laginess. I'm running with an Intel C2D E8400, 4gigs of RAM and an 8800gt and when i'm driving fast or running from cops, it gets slightly laggy. Other than that it runs fine.

    So, I think that you should really reconsider getting those 2 9600gts. That card is pretty weak. Just wait an extra month and buy one card with the combined money.
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