Best free online MMORPG for PC's only

What is the best PC-only Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game?

I think it is RUNESCAPE by many orders of magnitude because:

1) vast world
2) it is free (unless you want to pay).
2) lots of minigmes (games-within-games) which are not so mini
3) Great quests
4) lots of skills to level up
5) Grand exchange -- like the stock market (complete with price graphs over time).
6) several Player vs Player contest / high-stakes combat games
7) much harder to level your player up than other MMORPG's -- makes it both more challenging and rewarding.
8) the most online players signed up of any game in history -- over 9 million -- lots of friends from all over the world.
9) special entire Player vs Player combat worlds where if you log in to them, you get ready to RUMBLE!!
10) many worlds / servers all over the world to play on.
11) Good story lines (they even have a Runescape novel out, which develops the story even further!)
12) lots of cool weapons and armor -- most of which you can make yourself if you have the skill level.
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  1. ......

    Anyway... Runescape is for 12 year olds, if you want a real MMO, Everquest is it. 100 days sunk into that /played, until I gave it up and got a life.
  2. Uh, what? It is an awesome very advanced game. The official minimum age is 13 for Runescape, lol. Not a kids game at all, most kids I know cannot get anywhere near high levels because they do not have the planning, skills, or persistence for it. Younger kids tend to go for WOW because it is easier and has a little better graphics (if they can afford it). Most people I know on Runescape are substantially older than that.
  3. Post number 3 about how fantastic Runescape is, all in the past few hours.
    If your sole contribution is to harp on about this immature, badly designed piece of crap then kindly gtfo.
  4. Make that 4 posts.
  5. I have some suggestions too about good free MMOs. :) My list is not long because I try to stay away from "mainstream grindfest" games, browser games, and games with horrible graphics or turn-based gameplay.

    1. Ashen Empires

    If you are an old gamer and have any fond memories of Ultima V, VI, VII, VIII or Baldur's gate, then Ashen Empires is a game you should definitely try. For anyone else I wouldn't suggest this game because it concentrates too much on traditional repetitive "grinding". It's more of a game which you visit once in a while to "reminisce the old days". :D

    2. Face of Mankind (if it relaunches in 2009)

    Face of Mankind is a nice and very unique player-driven game with no "grinding" and nice opportunities for role-playing. It's a scifi MMORPG/MMOFPS hybrid. It's supposed to relaunch in 2009.

    3. Neverwinter Nights

    Have you ever wanted a deluxe MMORPG in which a "Dungeon Master" would sometimes dedicate an hour or two of his or her time entirely on your character's adventures or on a small player group? Perhaps some day there will be such a MMORPG (and it will most likely cost 30-50$ per month to compensate for individual attention player would get). Until that day, you can get all of that in NWN! NWN can be played as a MMORPG and has some very special features which you will never find in any real MMORPG. There are lots of servers running persistent worlds around the clock and some servers are actually maintained much more professionally than some commercial MMORPGs. A good NWN server usually has a population of 20-80 regular players, character wipe only once in 2-3 years, balanced classes, skills and spells, additional custom content, Game Masters and an administrator or two who read server logs, fix bugs, solve issues, track down and ban cheaters and abusers, and a team of good Dungeon Masters who plan and organise intricate puzzles, special situations and adventures or quests for individual players and player groups. "DM client" is one of the best features of NWN. A "Dungeon Master" is a player who is logged into NWN with a DM client. DM can add or remove objects, creatures, traps, special visual or sound effects in real time right during the game, possess a creature (to attack or talk with a player or do something else), give or remove items, gold or experience points, teleport player characters from one place to another, use some special emotes on player characters (e.g. make someone's player character fall on the ground) create an item with custom description and attributes, buff or debuff a creature etc. Usually people who act as DMs are not allowed to play with normal characters on that server. On really good NWN servers you can also get some special content which has been tailored for your needs. For example, some players were role-playing vampires on one server and they made a small vampire clan. DMs organised a "vampire campaign" for them and after half a year DMs and world builders created a vampire sub-race and a hidden vampire tomb for their clan along with some minor features.

    4. Navy Field

    Navy Field is a real-time "massively multiplayer tactical simulation game" set in WWII. It's a "twitch" game with some tactical elements but not as fast-paced as first person shooter games. In battles players are divided into two teams and each player controls one ship. Your success depends on how good you are at rotating and focusing guns and torpedo launchers, count or guess correctly gun elevation angles and torpedo firing solutions, managing airplane squadrons, cooperating with other ships on your team. Your sailors get experience points and levels from battles, which affects what kind of ships, guns, torpedo launchers and airplanes you can use. At the moment there are frigates, destroyers, submarines, light and heavy cruisers, battleships and air carriers for Britain, USA, Germany and Japan (15-20 different ships for each nation, 60-80 ships in total). In many games frigates and destroyers try to hunt for submarines (only small ships can detect submarines), submarines try to torpedo anything which happens to be close to them (can be very dangerous even to the biggest battleships and carriers), light and heavy cruisers are usually used as gunboats or anti-air gunships escorting bigger ships, aircraft carriers use fighter, dive bomber and torpedo bomber airplanes, battleships usually try to hunt other battleships or smaller ships if there are no battleships in range.
  6. Everquest 2 was good for 130+ days /played.

    They're still adding to it, but it's become a race to endgame sort of MMO, it's almost painful to try to go through all the questlines and lore while the majority of players are killing time in whatever the current expansion is.
  7. i hope this one(三國志online) will land on America(or international server)
    it is a mmorpg tat based on history story of AD184~280 (one of the war-never-end period)in china
    Game made by japanese game company KOEI, they already made 11 offline-games on the this same topic, they should have enough experience to express the story and gameplay in this new mmorpg.
  8. give flyff a shot
    my brother never gets off it
    google gpotato
    have fun
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