I phone/i touch games any good??

hi, im getting a mp3 player or i pod soon and i noticed that the i touch is getting some pretty decent games, metal gear, sims, silent hill, resident evil degeneration and so on. im just wondering if these games are any good. i've played some games on my older verizon phone and they were horrible. if thy are any good i am going to get a i touch, if not il just get some other mp3 player.

also, if anyone has a i phone or i touch can you tell me how you buy these games?? are they like the other mobile games that you have to pay for each month or do you buy, download and own these games??

i really apreciate any info. thanks very much!!
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  1. The ipod touch is very similar in spec to the Sega Dreamcast (same PowerVR gfx core) - if that's a help on what can be done with the platform, ie it's much more powerful than the Nintendo DS, and close to the Sony PSP... It has the potential to offer some very good games if they can work with the touch screen etc..
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