Play games on node based computer?

So I saw this video and each rasberry pi pulls 24gflops. I googled and found my 560 ti pulls about 700. It takes about 30 of them to equal my gpu. is it possible to buy what they bought (total is about 1700$), link them together via an mpi, run an x86 emulator (or linux distro that supports it) and then play games? This in no way is practical but would be a good demonstration of distributed computing :D
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  1. LOL. I like the way you think, yes, in theory it may be possible. There are some issues though, most games are not optimized for an mpi, also, as you realize, RPI's are also ARM, so there are very few games that would run on it in the first place and a x86 emulator would again have trouble distributing itself over the mpi. finally, there would be alot of latency, because it takes time to 1. send the algorithms/equations there node 2. have the node process the algorithms/equations 3. send the algorithms/equations back to the user.
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