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Is my PC just too slow to cope with GTAIV?

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December 22, 2008 7:09:43 PM

Ok, I'm pretty sure the answer is yes. I realise this is not a gaming PC, and GTAIV requires a pretty powerful set up. My problem is I can play other games like Bioshock (OK not particularly new) with all the options on full and still get a decent framerate, but GTAIV won't give me enough draw distance to see the front of my car with all of the options on minimum. This is literally unplayable in any way, even though the minimum spec on the box is pretty much what I have. Is this right, or have I got some fixable issues?

My spec is:
Intel Core Duo 6300 at 1.86
Nvidia Geforce 7600 GT

I know I should upgrade if I want the best from a game like this, but shouldn't I at least be able to play it?

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December 22, 2008 9:18:03 PM

I don't think you'd get playable FPS on GTAIV with that setup. I'm only getting 40FPS with:

E8400 @ stock
8GB Ram
December 22, 2008 9:49:37 PM

yea, u youldd prolly need a quad and 8800gt or higher to get 30fps+... i get around 20 fps, dipping to 14 on my hd4850 and athlon x2 @2.8ghz.

if ur thinking about an upgrade gta seems very cpu bound, you will still need a better gfx card tho.
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December 22, 2008 9:50:32 PM

3 gb ram may be worth while if on vista also
December 22, 2008 10:04:24 PM

gta iv uses 3 threads so it is a good idea to get 3 or 4 core cpu. Also not gigantouosly requireing to gpu it likes lot of gpu memory. So basicallly get a quad cpu and vid/card with 1 GB memory and I don't meane 7600 GT
December 22, 2008 10:07:44 PM

ahh, so thats y they say phenon x3 in the recomended specs, its about time games devs started using theses extra cores
December 22, 2008 10:10:47 PM

I have Q6600 @ 3.2 GHz 8800 GTS 512 6GB RAM and it i9 quite good, my friend got P4 socket478 2.8, DDRs 400, 76000 GS, He can play ir at low settings but it is barely playable
December 23, 2008 7:23:19 AM

whoa.....forget GTA 4....forget GTA 3 tbh!
Never go by the minimum specs, thats just a marketing trick. Recomended = absolute minimum as a rule.
December 23, 2008 7:51:32 AM

ainarssems said:
I have Q6600 @ 3.2 GHz 8800 GTS 512 6GB RAM and it i9 quite good, my friend got P4 socket478 2.8, DDRs 400, 76000 GS, He can play ir at low settings but it is barely playable

I currently have a E6400 @ 3.02Ghz, 2Gb DDR2 800Mhz and a 8800GT 512mb and I was thinking of getting a Q6600 (G0 stepping) and overclocking it to around 3.6. I was wondering what sort of frame rate in GTA IV you were getting on that setup?
December 23, 2008 1:03:24 PM

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked Edition
Memory: G.SKILL DDR2 800 - 8 Gigs worth
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit

I got an average of 51FPS in the benchmark with textures and rendering set to High.

1280x1024 Res on a 19" monitor.
Going to test tonight on my 24" monitor at 1920x1080 that I am getting today, I'll let you know the fps on that as well.

~Death Dream~
December 23, 2008 11:11:14 PM

pr2thej said:
whoa.....forget GTA 4....forget GTA 3 tbh!
Never go by the minimum specs, thats just a marketing trick. Recomended = absolute minimum as a rule.

Agree 100% If there's one thing I've always noticed it's that in order to obtain a decent level of playability you had to exceed the recommended system requirements (sometimes by a good margin).Minimum, well! that's just a joke in it's own right, pretty much meaning you can load and use the game. General rule of thumb is if you want the best possible experience be sure your system trumps the recommended system requirements and be prepared to realize that current hardware may not be effective enough to Max the settings and remain playable.
December 26, 2008 9:00:58 PM

Anyone play this game using one of the Phenom x3's? I was just curious how well they perform considering the game uses 3 cores (from what I've heard).
December 27, 2008 12:01:16 AM

I have a Q9550 CPU and the GTX260 core 216 Black Edition and I wasn't able to play it on full graphics. Then I OCed my GPU and that didn't do much. When I OCed my CPU from 2.83 to 3.83, blazing fast improvement. Now I am on maxed settings. So i think you would be struggling a bit.
December 27, 2008 8:06:13 PM

Nice OC ^^
April 3, 2009 3:08:09 PM

i want help plsss..

i downloaded gta iv from piratebay and works...i don't understand why want social club to play but it doesn't matter..i'm playng it on vista but is slow...i don't know why...pls can any1 help mee??

here's my specs:

windows vista business(service pack 1)
intel(R) core(TM) duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20 GHz 2.20 GHz
4 GB of RAM

excuse for my english..!! and pls help mee
April 3, 2009 3:11:26 PM

i forgot to say that my graphics is:

April 3, 2009 3:24:44 PM

georgeg3 said:

i downloaded gta iv from piratebay

You best start running now laddy...
April 3, 2009 3:27:54 PM

help meee
April 3, 2009 3:32:41 PM

Helo yourself and stop stealing software. You wont get any help here you dirty thief...its people like you who are killing the gaming industry.
April 3, 2009 3:40:56 PM

okeyy sryy..but look...i'm from cypruss and the game hasn't come i downloaded it...i want help to play it ...i had 1 gb ram and i bought another 3 to play and is sloww...i was looking trailers and videos from the gta iv gameplay for a month and it's too nc...i asked for buying it but it hasn't come yet..
April 3, 2009 3:45:34 PM

Regardless there is no justification for ripping off other hard peoples work.
Your problem would probably lie in the fact that its a pirated copy pre patch and its full of bugs, errors and probably a few trojans to boot as well.

If it isnt out in the shops in Cyprus my best suggestion is to check Steam for your region by going to and downloading the client.
Otherwise i would get on eBay and get a copy off there for £10-15 and you will find it should run at a playable framerate.
April 4, 2009 3:02:27 PM

Minimum spec just means you'll be able to run it. They don't say anything about actually being able to play it.
April 7, 2009 3:46:53 AM

The link I posted allows you to check your system against the recommended specifications as well.
April 7, 2009 4:43:54 PM

CPU matters more than GPU.

I haven't tested yet, but I think it should work fine on my rig. See, there's no point in running a Pentium 4 , GTX295 and 4 GB of RAM or i7 with on board graphics.
April 18, 2009 8:24:28 PM

since the game was designed to run 3 threads, it would make sense to get a Phenom II triple core or quad core
any Intel quads
April 18, 2009 11:34:01 PM

yeah your setup is a little small for GTA4 even my Q9550 with crossfire struggles mainly cos of bad coding and the game itself don't like AMD GPUs much