FS: I7-860 5770 4gb win 7 750 obo

Selling I7-860
asus sabertooth 1156 mobo
gigabyte 5770 1gb 128bit
4gb gskil ripjaws
500gb samsung spinpoint f3
OCZ 600w modular psu(will suffice for xfire)
lian li lancool pc-k62 case
sparkly light aerocool 4 fan monitor/ temp sensor touch screen
titan fenrir cpu cooler xmas edition
sony dvd drive

750 obo
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  2. Thanks Mousemonkey
  3. How much for just the 5770 and PSU? If you willing to part it out of course.
  4. Sorry don't want to part out unless cpu and mobo goes too
  5. Darn ok then, nice setup i hope it sells.
  6. Would you sell the RAM separately ? is that DDR3 or DDR2 ??
  7. I'd probably be interested in the board, and chip.
  8. Ha i don't know if you read it but when i asked Sonic he said he didn't really want to part it out. I was interested in the PSU and 5770 :D
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