Video codecs for PS3...

Anyway of adding more codec support to the PS3?

I kno homebrew is generally limited on the ps3 (Limited to Nil almost)...but I heard that it can do mkv format (I don't know if thats the video format, lol but I think you guys know what I'm talking about).

Please don't say my only option is linux:p



Since I brought it up I might as well ask about it too, Linux on the PS3...worth the extra trip or just wasted it as functional as linux on a pc...or close 2?

Thanks:P Heyyou27 will prob be the first to answer:p haha I hope :P
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  1. PS3 also supports XVID mpeg-4 codec.... If your video file isn't in that format, you can use a great free program called Virtual Dub to transcode it over to XVID. Just make sure the XVID codec is install on your computer, or V-Dub won't see it.
  2. The PS3 supports a pretty long list of codecs including DivX, WMV, MPEG, XviD and more.

    Edit: I would not advise you to install Linux on the PS3 unless you're REALLY curious to see it in action. Keep in mind that the PS3 only has 256MB of RAM dedicated to the CPU and another 256MB of RAM dedicated to the GPU. To make things even worse, Sony locks the GPU and its available memory when you run Linux.
  3. mkv2vob does the trick of remuxing (not re-encoding) the video into a Vob container which streams/plays on the PS3. Also allows the PS3 to stream AC3 audio which it can't do by standard :)

    As the video is not re-encoded it only takes a few mins to do!
  4. Damn that sucks, I wonder why Sony did that:S To not allow gaming on linux?:S

    Well, now that I've seen true quality, some of my backups come out to be as my Walle backup. There is no way of doing that on the ps3 right? What if I convert it to AVI...will it reduce quality?



    I tried virtualdubmod, most if the files come out 75 gigs+ from a 1.2 gig file lol...and others come out to be worse quality:P
  5. No need to convert... if your backing up your blu-ray movies and re-encoding them as mkv (.x264) then just use mkv2vob and store the result of that instead.

    I know this way works, i think you might run into trouble if trying to save them as other formats as you won't be able to keep the ac3 5.1 audio.

    Once backed up, are you streaming or burning to DVD/Blu-ray to play your movies?
  6. L1qu1d said:

    I tried virtualdubmod, most if the files come out 75 gigs+ from a 1.2 gig file lol...and others come out to be worse quality:P

    lol, think you might have got the wrong settings on that one!

    mkv2vob doesn't change quality of the video as the video is not touched plsu the file size stays pretty much the same as the original.
  7. I usually just back em up on my PS3 using psp...I really don't know how to stream very well.. I mean I managed to share can find windows...but when i put the files in the folders it just can't see it.

    1. back up disk
    2. transfer to psp
    3. transfer to ps3 HDD
    4. etc :)

    thats basically my routine haha.
  8. 75 gigs, lol, yeah wrong settings hehe. After you open the video file go into the compression tab, there will be a list of codecs that V-Dub can use. In this case scroll down to XVID, highlight it then hit configure. Leave it at single pass,
    quantizer is self explanatory, hit the quantizer tab and you will see bit rate. This will directly affect file size. In my opinion, anything over 1000 is a waste of space, unless you plan on resizing to hd, but playback on the ps3, 1000 or lower is fine. You have to experiment to find your sweet spot.
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