Red Ring of Death - What should I do?

I bought an xbox 360 on black friday, hoping that the RRoD problems would be behind it now that the console is three years own. :lol: :lol: :lol: It started freezing up the last few days and now it won't even boot, just sits there blinking its red lights at me.

The question: Should I try and return it to target or should I call Micro$oft and have them fix it?
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  1. As it's so new I would try a like for like replacement from the shop first - also do you know what version of the xbox you got? The way to check is to look at the Amps rating of the PSU brick - the new Jasper consoles have a 12A rating
  2. 12v==14.2A
  3. If I return it, will they check for all of the accessories that come with the pro like the 60 gig drive, controller, headset, free game and for the black friday sale - a $60 gift card?
  4. Sad Panda said:

    Thats a 'falcon' - still known to suffer just as bad from rrod
  5. i think that if you have time to send it in.... it takes like 3 weeks.... you should do that .... its deff a good idea
    thats wat i did
  6. If your really daring you could open it up and fix it yourself, my xbox Red Ringed last month and i was pissed plus i was barely out of warenty, so i found a youtube video of people opening it up and replacing the X-clamp that holds down the graphics heatsink to the chip. Its really easy and simple, me and my dad did with ease. just get 8 1mm m5 steel, washers 8 1mm m5 nylon or ruber washers, and m5 bolts or size 10 instead of m5. and just take out the x clamp and replace with bolts works fine, youll also need isopropyl alcohol to cleen the chip and new thermal paste/grease. should run like new with no problems.
  7. Return it, they have an extended warrenty to cover RRoD and tampering with the internals invalidates it.
  8. My xbox just RROD two days ago as well. Simply call 800-4MY-XBOX and they will send you a refurbished replacement. I would go for an exchange with Target but I highly doubt they will do anything because of the time span between purchase and failure. A buddy of mine did the youtube RROD fix and it worked but yes your warranty will be void after opening the console, and trust me they will know if you did.
  9. when your xbox suffers RRoD you get an extended warranty of 3 years, when i sent my 360 away it took 1week to get a replacement from Microsoft.
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