Crysis d3dx10 error when starting

I get the d3dx10_34.dll cannot be found if I try to start in dx10 but cannot seem to find a fix.

I have q6600 no OC
Vista Premium 64
8800GT OC

so all seems like it should run in DX10 but I get the error everytime but if I run in dx9 there are no issues. I just updated the drivers last week so I don't think that is it and I have installed all updates in Vista.

Any Ideas?
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  1. If you haven't got it solved by now, this might work.
    The file you mentioned is a component of DX10. Just reinstall DX, using the Crysis installation DVD. Use the Explorers search function and look for a folder called directx. There you should find the setup.

    Hope it helps
  2. ok let me try thanks
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