Bioshock Issue

Jeez such an old game and i am having some issues with it >.<
Just picked it up for £3.49 off Steam...i have on Xbox already but could not pass up playing through again with superior graphics :)
Anyway, attempts to change the resolution to 1600x1200 cause the game to crash.
Also i tried to play at the default just to check out the effects, and once i surfaced from the water in the intro my screen flipped to horizontal green bars for a few secs and then crashed out.

Specs: Phenom Agena @ 2450 MHz, 4GB RAM, Radeon 4850, plenty of cooling runs Crysis et al so im thinking theres a driver issue here?

Any help appreciated.
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  1. Obvious things - have you updated drivers, is your power supply sufficient, does it happen in any other games etc.
  2. this post wont be that informative but:

    bioshock is LITTERED with bugs. i couldn't even get the damn game to run! it would keep crashing as soon as i docked the mini sub at the beginning of the game so i said screw it. best of luck.
  3. Only game it occurs in Spuddyt. Tbh im not that bthered coz i picked up TitanQuest as well so im happy playing through that at the mo. Ill bump this thread back up once i get a chance to mess around and solve the issue...just wondered if it was anything obvious
  4. Titanquest ftw.
  5. I'll second that. But it can't hold a candle to Diablo 3 when it comes out in 14 years...
  6. I also bought in steam for £3 :D

    i would reocmmend running in dx9. Right click the game, go to properties, set launch options and type -dx9

    may help.

    Im having problems with the Mouse control!! IN the menu its sluggish and in game its like my mouse is on ice...flying everywhere. really bad mouse control in that game.
  7. yea that might be it...i would assume it runs DX9 default but ill check.
    Still aint gone back to it....lvl 19 Conquerer ftw :D
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