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Building a New PC info required

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March 13, 2003 10:27:25 PM


My current system is

1.3Ghz Athlon
512 Mb Ram
Geforce 3 Ti200 128Mb
Soundblaster Live 5.1

I've been able to run every game up until now i comfortably.I actually thought when i built this PC that it would last me a while.

But i am getting a little lag with the latest flight sims.
Not so much in game since i lowered some settings'but in the loading screens.I also love the look of Lock on/Lomac and the videos look amazing'but i don't think my Current PC could cope with the highest settings.

So next week i am gonna make my a new PC.
This will be my 3rd one,
My budget will be £700'but would prefer to spend less if possible.

I need

New Mobo
New Graphics Card
New Processor
1 Gig of Ram
New Fan and CPU.

All the other parts i cannabalise from my old PC.

And i have always bought from (local)


and these are the prices for parts i am using.
But if you know better ones then le me know.

So i can build the thing'but want i need is advice as to what to put in it.My PC is primarily for Games and i want it to be able to run FB and Lomac comfortable in 1024 x 768.I don't really understand all this FSB and Speeds of Memory stuff.


Thanx in advance

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March 14, 2003 12:07:19 AM

1 gig of ram is too much for you likely

obviously in general.. dual ddr... ati 9700 pro... corsair ram.. it's that simple.. oh and a good ps...

To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
March 14, 2003 12:18:42 AM

What MOBO do you have? I have an old KT7E (KT133E) that doesn't support Athlon XP's.

I now have an XP1800 T-Bred B running at 1.79 GHz on it.

That, along with a cheap GeForce4 MX440, 896 MB RAM @ 143 MHz (PC133) I am running MSFS2002 with full settings (had to set to custom to get 0 everything) I get about 30 FPS, consistantly, no jumps or anything. I run with 1024x768x32 resolution FULL SCREEN.

The beauty of the KT133 series is the better memory bandwidth with PC133 over other comparable MOBOs.

Oh, and with a WD 40gig 7200 RPM drive, it take 16 seconds to load FS2002, and 19 seconds after pressing 'Fly Now' for the game to be ready to fly. (I just tested it, with this window open)

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March 14, 2003 2:26:16 AM

I'd stay away from the GF4MX series. Your current card is faster than the MXs. Get at least a Ti4200, or a Radeon 9500. Either is good, though I would definitely lean to the 9500.

You don't need a gig of ram unless you are doing video editing. 2x256 in twinbank mode on an nForce2 would be faster than having lots of ram.

for the mobo/cpu, get an nForce2 board and at least a 2200+ AXP. Then it will be blazing.

Good luck.

XP 2500+ Barton
A7N8X Dlx
2x512MB Corsair PC3200
MSI GF3 Ti500 w/64MB DDR
2x80GB 7200RPM Maxtor
Onboard audio

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March 14, 2003 3:15:22 AM


To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!