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Hi, im new here but i was wondering if someone could give me info to see if this system unit was good for gaming. Games like WoW and Cod4 you know.

Link- http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=9032352&type=product&id=1218010536521

Willing to look at other suggestions but will to pay around 500 - 600 max.

Suggestion only from best buy since thats where we are heading to anyway to get this one.

Here are the specifications-
Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core

Processor Speed

System Bus

Cache Memory
2MB on die Level 2

System Memory (RAM)

Type of Memory (RAM)

Hard Drive Type
Serial ATA II (7200 rpm)

Hard Drive Size

NVIDIA GeForce 7100

Video Memory
Up to 256MB (shared)
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  1. Also willing to look at laptops because thats what i was first looking at.

    Laptop for gaming though.

    Price range under 1000
  2. On the desktop, if you have to go prebuilt, maybe grab something like that, and then a card like this.


    That's a 4670, it's a budget card, but still decent.

    Consider this system as well


    Not quite as fast as what you looked at before, but cheaper. Either way with your price range, you are going to probably need a video card upgrade for any serious gaming.
  3. build your own. look at the "system builder marathon" budget gaming PC for suggestions. You will get a much better computer for less money.
  4. ^ +1
  5. CoD4 Runs good on pretty much anything. It was running smooth on my 6800XT at 1024x768 (40% Custom XD)

    I run it at 1900x1080 now with everything maxed and AAx4 with my 260GTX Core 216SC (Custom Build)

    No idea what WoW runs on as I have never touched it.

    ~Death Dream~
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