In search of a Slot1 motherboard

Hey folks, I'm putting together an internet machine for a friend using a bunch of scrap parts. I've got a Slot1 Pentium 2 400mhz that needs a new home. Where might I find a new (as in unopened), or like new motherboard for this old-timer?

PS. It'd be great if I could find one with on-board LAN and/or Audio, but beggars cant be choosers, right?

I intend to put these components on it,
256mb PC133 memory (2 sticks)
Matrox G100 AGP
Voodoo 2 PCI
A Rockwell Modem that I found in the closet!
20gb WD HD
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  1. Old pc places ususally have some kicking around.. check e-bay.

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  2. A bit of advice: Settle for nothing less than the BX chipset, it's heads above anything else. And if you find a board with overclocking options, it can support up to 133MHz FSB. Also most of these boards support Tualatin processors by using an inexpensive adapter, so it has room to upgrade later should he want to.

    I'm the BX-pert here, I have several very nice used boards if you're intersted. I sell them on eBay for $35-$105! For you, I'll offer a better price maybe?

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  3. What do you have in mind, Crash? I trust your opinion, if you've got a board that would work for me, let me know. I dont need anything fancy, just something that's going to run stable.
  4. Hell, most enthusiasts who don't chuck their old stuff probably have BX boards laying around.

    I 3 TYAN boards that let you use either a slot or a PGA chip. They were cheap as feces when I bought them a couple years ago, I bet they are even better now. And they do 133 in spec and 140 or 150FSB without a hiccup. They are model # S1854, dunno the chipset.

    Damn, I still have 486 crap around here too... Not running, thankfully. SETI would make a 486 weep. Anybody want a 2400 baud modem or two? I'm saving at least one to take on "Antiques Roadshow 2050"
  5. I have an MSI MS6163 with software overclocking, etc, BX for $30.

    If you decide on a different board, try to stay away from VIA chipset boards. The Tyan board the last guy has was available with either the BX or the VIA Apollo Pro, I'd advise against it if it's VIA, otherwise his might be a good board too.

    You can can a review of the MS-6163 at <A HREF="" target="_new">Sharky Extreme</A>, <A HREF="" target="_new">Anandtech</A>, and you'll especially like the overclocking review at <A HREF="" target="_new">The Tech Zone</A> when you consider he might later want to upgrade to a faster processor (a Celeron 1.1@1466 is a nice cheap upgrade, but imagine a PIII 1400@1575/150MHz bus!).

    Anyway, it would be a good board for the PII 400 and allow him to upgrade later.

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  6. Oh, ignore the "max CPU supported" info, it's outdated, the board supports everything (with the proper Slot adapter for Socket 370 CPU's of course).

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  7. Edit: I'm a dummy! PM'd you Crash.

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  8. I know I still have several BX boards around. Everyone who was an enthusiast at that time wound up owning at least one BX board, because BX owned and still does!

    Hell, my web server is still using a BX board and rock solid. :smile:

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