360 controller causes static on pc

Hi everyone sorry if im posting in the wrong spot. Okay heres my problem, when i plug in my 360 controller into my pc i get this crazy ass static sound with any music that is playing. I mainly use this for my emulators and i have seen other people have the same problem. I have tried other usb posts. The controller does not change my default audio device. Im sorry this has been driving me crazy for months now and i have tried everything ive come across.
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  1. Your using the wireless reciever thingy right? Whats happening is that you only get a total of 500ma for all those external divices (USB, sound input, etc). A Microsoft mouse takes half of that, and the wireless reciever takes another 200. Nothing you can do, except get equipment that uses less amps to try and free up some extra power.

    You can go to the device manager to see how much power each item you use takes up, if your interested.
  2. Okay that sounds very resonable :). My keyboard is wireless the reciever takes 10 ma im not sure if the keyboard is 10ma more or if its 10 ma total. My mouse takes 100ma. The 360 controller takes 400ma. What if i were to unplug other devices such as printer. And is 500 ma max for all computers? if there a way to increase this amount?
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