Need new pc, little to no funds, i can do monthly payments!

I can afford $20 a month, i can buy pc's from dell, toshiba,compaq and HP for that.. but it would be pointless.. none of them can be upgraded, none of them have what i want. And will be obsolete because of this.. why anyone buys their pc's is beyond me.. for the most part they aren't even trying to compete or offer something better then the other guys...

I need to find someone that takes payments and is selling relevent pc's
I try not to use credit cards, but will do so if required. Only specific ammounts will be loaded at given times..

I would like a laptop that is am3 socket and ready for 6+ cores and accepts desktop parts.. like the alienware mx15, or asus x90x.. the alienware is the most up to date. mxm 3.0 etc.. for some reason amd hasn't broken into this fantastic realm of pc awesomeness.. as far as i know of..


A desktop that is am3 ready. can take up to 6+ cores.. but i'm fine with getting what i can afford right now.. as long as it's compatable with anything in the near future... amd is usually good with this..

Must have swappable bios chips

must have atleast one pci-e x 16 2.0 slot.

Must be capable of 1666+ FSB

16gb+ ddr3 capable. atleast dual channel capable

SLI / *hybrid xfire* / and xfire approved. I think the hybrid xfire allows a simulated connection between any gpu you put in it weither its nvida or amd.. or just any amd gpu??

atleast one 66mhz pci slot.

sata 3.0

usb 3.0

easily overclockable and "durable" to withstand extreame overclocking and testing of alpha / beta software.
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  1. So you want to basically make low payments, with no interest/no money down, on higher end stuff, to someone who will have no recourse if you default?
  2. for 20 bucks a month ? that's gonna take a while to pay off :P
  3. ScoobyJooby-Jew said:
    So you want to basically make low payments, with no interest/no money down, on higher end stuff, to someone who will have no recourse if you default?

    yup, since it's something i can do i won't, not be able to pay... if that does happen for some reason, they should take a return of product and end the "contract"

    This stuff has been out for 5+ years now... it's no longer considered "high-end" low to mid level maybe. I never considered it to be high end..

    high end would be 12+ cores xD and 6mb level 1 cache per core. dedicated.. on top of level 2 and shared level 3 with an on chip gpu thats faster then anything else on the market... we don't have this yet... intel is still trying to sell us old stuff as new stuff xD when was the last time they introduced an entirely new architecture from the ground up? That improved a pc's performance drastically and not just enough to sell us more stuff..

    So far IMO the best advancement have been in code... such things like making one clock cycle equal to 6 or more.. hyperthreading, and virtualization.. and optimizatons...

    and then higher quality materials, like organic materials.. which is still fairly new.. but shows promise.. can't wait for an entire motherboard to be laid out with the stuff. and then gfx cards ram etc...

    and ddr5 system memory!


    not over clocked 2.8ghz cores, x2 paired together with shared cache.. and less then 1mb level 1 cache at that...these are just unlocked celerons x2+2 xD and a smaller process... :sleep:

    If i had the money to buy a quantum processor etc... that would be ultra high end.. :o

    but as i understand it now... older software even current software, is not compatable code.. it'd have to be ported :pt1cable:
    As so far these processors are prototype or meant strictly for research. Not for consumers.. they use their own propriety code. it'll be like 20+ years untill we see something like this for us IF it ever does become available, and isn't surpassed by some genius overclocker that works in multiple dimensions and parrallel universes
  4. dickcruz said:
    for 20 bucks a month ? that's gonna take a while to pay off :P

    1 yr $240

    2 yr's 480..

    should easily pay for a quad core intel or amd, complete system with monitor and goodies..ddr3 and atleast one pci-e x16...

    i'd be able to use that, and save money for something i can own with xD but just gettin a pci-e system would be a great start...

    it'd be nice to be able to get it now.. but no one offers such a deal..

    Of course that one idiot that ran off with a pc without paying it off.. messed it up for every honest pc buyer after that.. so now prices and policies make you pay for 2+ computers.. and tie in clauses, defaults and your credit line..

    I guess i can start saving while i look for such financing the time i find it i could build a system right? too bad it'd be 1-2years behind everyone else...meh, i still own some fools in games with a pentium 100mhz and a dell dim4400... why even shop for another computer :lol:

    Sure it takes a year and a half to render a 30 second 3d animation xD
    But i can play directx games! it's ok if i die 15 times before loading xD i'll get those tards back xD Revenge is sweetest cooked over a red hot cpu! ala' BSOD

    If i take an online course, i'm sure it won't include High definition video.

    it's ok that farmville maxes out my system too xD i don't need to play simple fun games with my friends i almost never see..for various reasons.

    why do i even use a computer? people can just send me snail mail, knock on my door and say hi! Text a cell phone..oh wait that's a computer...that's surpriseingly also $200+ but with a's almost affordable..but now my job requires it, and won't pay for it themselves..

    Internet companies aren't able or won't provide us with over 3 MegaBYtes/s.. I don't mind waiting a week to download HD video i can't play xD I should wait 10 more years and see what they've improved huh?
    Or i can just hack wifi and get all the speed i need? wish i could actually hack.. =c


    I don't even know why i typed all that...i imagined it was funny at first..but now it makes me :fou: .. alot of this stuff should be better then it is right now..and should be affordable for all.. why isn't it, and why did they remove product from the shelves that was affordable??
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