Asus P4G8X and Graphic Card

I've decided to have a go at upgrading my MB and Processor. I've bought a P4 3GHz and an Asus P4G8X deluxe MB and 1GB PC2100 RAM. I'm keeping all the other parts from my old system for now, should been fine. My Graphics card is an AGP GeForce 3 TI200.

My problem lies in the fact that I get no output from my graphics card when it’s placed in the new MB. Works fine when I set up the old system but not in the new system. I don’t know why. Is this due to my graphic card being AGP 4 and the MB being AGP 8x? Or is the MB says it only works with(I think) 1.5v cards, not 3.3v AGP cards(not sure if mine is 3.3 or 1.5)? Do I need to buy a different Graphic card?

I have read the review on this site about the MB and noticed the were using the Geforce 4 card.

Sorry for the lame questions but I don’t know where to start looking for the answers my self, I’m new to this upgrading thing and would be grateful for any help J

Sorry forgot to mention, I get no beeps when I turn the power on, sound like it’s booting up normally. Hard drives working, all the fans going. Remember the card works when plugged back into the old MB.
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  1. Not to worry, I need to get a Geforce 4 or better.
  2. ok.. will do...

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  3. Your card is compatable with your board, getting a new card solves nothing unless your old one was broken.

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  4. Agreed... usually Asus has intrusion detection on the board and lights up an LED when the card is not compatable.

    To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
  5. Me again, well I got a new graphics card but thanks for the info crashman and lumberjack.

    Still got the problem of no output on the graphics card. The new card(Geforce 4 Ti4800)or old, they both work in the old system,

    Old System,
    P4 1.7GHz,
    Abit TH7-RAID Motherboard
    384MB RAMBUS 800
    Geforce 4 TI4800
    Creative Soundblaster 64 live
    3Com Network card
    2x60GB IBM HDD in RAID
    1x60GB Maxtor HDD
    1x120GB Maxtor HDD
    300w Power supply

    but not the new system. Basically I’m replacing the MB and Processor and RAM of this system with a P4 3.06GHZ and an Asus P4G8X MB and 1GB of DDR266 RAM. Keeping all the old components, if your wondering I’ve bought an IDE controller card so I can still run all the IDE devices.

    The Graphic card is getting power, the fan on the Graphic card works. The LED light you spoken about don’t light up, which it would if the voltage was wrong for either card(so the manual says) so I’m guessing the card is the right voltage. Also the MB wouldn’t power up if it detected an incorrect voltage AGP card.
    I’ve take it step by step now placing each bit in the board to see what happens.

    Just the MB powered, Turns of as soon as the power switch is pressed.

    MB and P4(new one 3GHz) the board powers up, the fan goes on the P4, no beeps, just sits there.

    MB, P4 and a RAM stick(DDR266 Corsair), same as before, no beeps, just sits there.

    MB, P4, RAM and Graphic card, same as before, no beeps and just sits there. Fan on Graphic card is working.

    Connect a HDD(ATA 100), sound like it's trying to boot into the OS but still nothing on the screen.

    Another bit of info the manual states that only 1.5v graphic cards can be plugging into the MB, could the Geforce be a slightly different voltage? Or should I be looking at another part of the set up to find what’s wrong?

    Any ideas guys as to what could be causing this or could the MB be faulty?
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