Does DRM Games Cost More?

I was suprised the other day because I never considered myself an anti-DRM kind of guy but somehow DRM has entered the equation of making a game worth or less more depending on if or if it doesn't have DRM.
I make no secret that I download DRM free copies of the games I buy because mostly I like the freedom of not having to deal with DVD's, that and I have a number of Computers, along with the three kids and a wife. Thus Steam isn't really praticle for a guy like me. I also have a disability which makes going out kind of a chore thus I'll download a game before I bought it because I know that I'm going to buy it that week anyway.
Either way I was at the store and I was faced with Fallout 3, Prince of Persia, Deadspace, Left 4 Dead, Red Alert 3, and quite a few older ones. I'm a Fallout fan so I picked it up and went home. I then turned around and went back and picked Prince of Persia. Overall I wanted Red Alert, Deadspace, and Left 4 Dead and a few others a bit more but the fact that Prince of Persia didn't have DRM seemed to make it worth just that bit more. It was a game I could just buy, install, and we could play it whenever we wanted. Turns out the game is pretty family friendly and is fun so was a big bonus.
There are going to be people who boycott a product just because it has DRM or will use DRM as an excuse to Pirate. I Pirate certain games because it's just easier to have a No-CD copy than having two kids (and me) fighting over who get's to play the game. If a game did or didn't have DRM didn't matter to me or at least I didn't think it mattered till I picked up a game over another just because it was going to be easier. It felt good though and the game even seems to be more enjoyable.
So I'm wondering if a non-DRM game in this day and age of DRM is enough to get that extra sale? Do you think that in the long run DRM really does hurt a products chances of selling? I didn't think it did till I was faced with the question myself and found that my own answer to the question to be a suprising one.
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  1. DRM will always be in games, it the matter of how invasive that DRM is. So far I have not bought any games that only have limited number of installs before having to call up the game company to ask for additional install rights. Thus, I have not bought Mass Effect or Crysis: Warhead amoungst others.

    I can basically live with SecuROM, but I avoid all games with StarForce.

    Regarding Fallout 3, you can bypass the DVD check by simply running Fallout3.exe instead of Fallout3Launcher.exe. Fallout3.exe launches the game directly so if you want to change your setup options then you will need to insert the DVD for the Launcher. Or you can directly edit the *.ini file if you know what you are doing.
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