Favourite New PC Games

Tell me. What is your favourite new-ish PC Games?
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  1. Fallout 3, Far Cry 2 and Left 4 Dead are the games I'm currently playing. If you want a shooter RPG, get fallout 3. Far Cry 2 is a pure FPS and Left 4 Dead simply kicks azz on multiplayer!
  2. Here is my list:
    Prince of Persia
    are two of my favorites this year.
    Fallout 3 comes in second but just under.
    I haven't delved to much into Far Cry 2 yet.
    I still have to pick up Red Alert 3 and Left 4 Dead but both of them I have heard great things about and I expect that I will enjoy them when I do pick them up.
  3. Left 4 Dead is brilliant in multiplayer, boring as a single player experience. Got Farcry 2 but going to finish Crysis first which I think is also superb.
  4. ok thanks, I have L4D already. Might as well be a good time to join the unoffical tom's steam group.
  5. l4d IMO is excellent. I can't play it enough. Co-op is brilliant, vs is (if possible) even better... achievements are addictive (which, while I personally find the single player fun in its own way those awards make it nearly as fun as the co-op)

    plus, it proves that you don't need a system killing engine producing gooey-eye-popping visuals complete w/ all the bugs and needed upgrades to have a truly fun and near infinitely re-playable game. (ahem, crysis) That game will run on just about any system built for gaming in the last 4 years w/ nary a hitch.

    honestly, since that game's release I have played no other... I'll get bored eventually I'm sure but for the immediate future I just don't see it. ;)
  6. Just picked up Dead Space, so far it is really fun and challenging. I got L4D the day of release but haven't touched it really since I built my new machine. My old rig was able to run L4D but not Dead Space and GTA4 (Memory leak >.<), so thats the main reason. I'm sure when some new content gets released for L4D I will go back. Same thing with Fallout 3, old rig ran it ok, new rig runs it better.

    I did just pick up Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 from Steam on its sale for $15. Played only one match so far on that in MP. Going to finish playing GRAW1 SP first before moving on. (Not a new game but hey, new for me).

    And I picked up Lineage 2 again for some reason ... building a new PC for extreme graphics and I go back to Lineage 2? what the hell ...

    Anyways, there are the games I am currently playing. I think Dead Space is my second fav so far, runs great, looks great, and challenging at the same time. L4D is first if you are a MP crazy person like me.

    If anyone is interested in Farcry 2 for cheap check this thread out: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/98698-8-farcry-sale

    ~Death Dream~
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