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Hello everyone. Is there a particular PS 3 on the market that is backwards compatible. I recently bought, but have yet to open it, a PS 3 160 gig combo that comes with Drake Uncharted and would like to know if it is backwards compatible. Also, what is the benefit of buying a 160 over the 80 gigs, other than the additional storage space? Thank you for replying.
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  1. None of the current PS3s on the market have backwards compatibility. The only advantage aside from the additional space is the fact that the 160GB bundle comes with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.
  2. The only PS3 model that is FULLY backwards compatible is the 60GB model, but Sony has discontinued making them since they were to expensive to make <.< You can't find them anywhere in stores but you can find alot for sale on ebay! I'd check there. Make sure the item is an actual 60GB PS3 and not a PS3 that has a hard drive upgrade!
  3. I would not recommend buying a used one online as you'll certainly want to have your warranty. While it isn't nearly as common as the RROD on the Xbox 360, the Blu-ray drive can die, and I've experienced it first hand. Luckily I was still under warranty when my Blu-ray drive failed, as the repair costs roughly $150 otherwise, and you could be in even worse shape if you had an even older model that is unable to be repaired.
  4. just go buy a pre used PS2, they cost only 30$ here pre used in Canada. Its much better than stuffing the extra heat in your ps3.

    Plus the 60 gig PS3 draw more power since they use the 90 nm CPUs, instead of the current 65 nm. From what I understand the new ps3 also have the dirty disk fix, which basically means better quality Blue Ray reader.

    I currently have the 80 gig (none software emulation), and the old 60 gig at my Dad's Bosses house (my dad gave it to him to piss me off:P) So really I would go all out for it.

    Grab a pre used ps2, and a new Full warranty PS3, and your set.

    Oh yeah 1 More thing, don't get the 160 gig...its a waste of cash for an extra 200$.

    Grab Uncharted seperately (pre used if you can, since Blue ray is really resistant), and then just buy a Hard drive yourself. For 100$ you can get a 7200 RPM 320 gig, or you can get a 160 gig 5400 RPM for like 40$....much cheaper than the 215$ extra cash you pay for the 160 Gig.
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