Crysis crashing like crazy!

Ok, I bought this game recently and after some tweaking, I got it to run VERY well on my setup (there was a previous thread here about that).. to sum it up though..

Vista 32 bit
2GB Ram
Q6600 @ 2.4
Visiontek HD4870 (512mb)
Playing in DX10
1440x900, no 8xAF, no AA

I'm playing the game with the "natural mod" and the 'Ultra-high" config, with some other changes here and there..

It's crashing like crazy all of a sudden though. The screen will just lock up and the sound completely shuts off. I have to ctrl/alt/del to the task manager and then there's the "Crysis has stopped working" window.

Basically, the game has been running FLAWLESSLY since I got everything where I like it, framerates are great, detail is maxed, I'm a happy dude. But I'm on this aircraft carrier now, and the game is crashing like crazy. This ONLY happens if I'm in an active scene on the deck of the carrier. There is the 1st fight on the deck, just gotta shoot down a bunch of aliens, and it probably crashed 3 or 4 times during that scene. Once that fight was over, I had to go back into the carrier, and everything was just perfect. Come back out after the whole in-carrier shpiel, and now I'm fighting that giant bastard on the deck and it literally crashes out after maybe a minute of playing. The GPU temps don't look high at all when it bails, either.

It'll only do this if there's a lot of stuff going on and I'm ON the deck.

I've even dropped the resolution to 1024x768 and it keeps doing it, I can't get any further because it freezes up before I can go through a full clip in the minigun, hehe.

Anyone got any ideas? I have the latest drivers for my card (just d/l'ed them a week ago) and the game has been perfect up to this point.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. i dont have any specific fix for your problem but if im on your shoes i'd do the following:

    1. update the game
    2. update the catalyst (which you already did)

    whats that natural mod? you might also try to remove that and see if that helps.
  2. I had a corrupt saved game which kept locking, I could not fix it so had to load an earlier save.

    I also had a problem (may be well known) that if I had too many saved games the game would keep crashing back to desktop, the fix ... delete all the old saves and autosaves and reduce the list to 4-5 saves and all was well - strange.
  3. I also had the same problem at the same point in the game, i had to set the Vid settings to medium to even be able to get it to run without any crases what so ever.

    drop the settings, this should get you a more stable gameplay at that point.

    also if ur not willing to upgrade to Vista 64, then purchase another 1GB RAM, as this point in the game almost maxxed out the 4gb installed in my system, so 3gb should be better than the 2gb already installed.

    these resolves should help, and if there was any other advice i could give u, it would be that u are very close to the end of the game, and it is best to save every minute or so, so if it does crash, the u are safe.

    good luck
  4. I agree memory is critical.
    Also temperature could be a factor.
    The natural mod is pretty good. I really like it.
    Here is a link to another mod that I put on the other day and looks real good.
    It helped the frame rates a bit.
    You cant run both though.
  5. i finished both warhead and the original one without mods, had some crashes/bsods, but that was on an old semi-defective 4850. my new one dont seem to have a problem with it.

    after the mouse and keyboard, isnt quicksaving the most important invention in gaming history? lol.
  6. Well, I was able to get through the rest of it by running in windowed mode at 1024x768. Even then, it crashed on me once. I had CoreTemp and my CCC visible in the background and when it crashed, the CPU and GPU temps were nowhere near critical levels, so I think it may be a memory issue too.

    I should get another gig or 2 of RAM anyway ( I know Vista 32 has some odd RAM allocation issues but I understand that you can basically use 4GB and get a good percentage of that 4GB out of it. ), I've only got 2 RAM slots though so I'll need to get a pair of 2GB sticks too.

  7. Vista 32 is the same as the other 32 bit systems. The amount of ram that you dont see is equal to the mem on your video card.
    Its not lost, just taken as sort of a shadow for your video in case it runs out.
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