I need some help with Age of Empires 3

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Here is my problem:

I recently purchased AOE 3 Gold Edition(comes with warchiefs expansion). I installed it on two different machines without a problem. Then I tried play it on the two computers using the LAN option. I tried using a No-CD crack on one computer but it would say there where version differences or something when I tried to connect via LAN. So I used the Original .exe's on both computers which requires the disc. I would start a game and then take the disc out and put it in the other computer. That worked and I could host a game on one computer and play it. The problem is, is that we will be playing and all of a sudden it will freeze on both computers and say that the other player is unresponsive. The weird thing is that we managed to play an entire round once without it messing up. We are connect via a wired Linksys BEFSR41 V.2. Maybe the router isn't fast enough? I even tried a direct IP connection and it still did it.

Help? :D
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  1. This may help...
    Whenever me and my partner played AoE 2 we loaded it up with the cd on one comp then took the cd out n loaded it on the 2nd and about 90% of the time it worked. Although it that doesn't work try doing the same thing but burn a copy of the play cd n load the game with the original then swap it with the copy... that worked for me with AoE 2 so might work

    Good luck!
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