Distorted graphics with GRID and Dead Space

Just recently had problems with these 2 games. The graphics are completely distorted, cant see a thing, I'm assuming the problem with both games are related. I was thinking drivers, but they were working with these same drivers for a while now, and i dont recall making any changes with any settings in or out of the games. I tried reinstalling grid and got nothing, same with the drivers. The one thing i did not try is using previous driver versions, I suppose i'll try that. Has anyone had problems like this? Any solutions?
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  1. Any other games distorting?
  2. Just those 2, which makes it all the stranger.
  3. playing on lcd with wrong resolution maybe?
  4. Ok, managed to work around the problem. I made a new user account on windows and tried the games from there, and they worked, so I'm guessing that some settings within the old account were corrupted, even though i checked them. Not bothered by what caused the problem, just glad they're working again.
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