WTS 2x Radeon 5770 $230 Obo

Looking to upgrade to next gen card, selling 2x Radeon 5770 for $230 obo.

Let me know :)
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  1. nrnx said:
    Looking to upgrade to next gen card, selling 2x Radeon 5770 for $230 obo.

    Let me know :)

    Will you trade for a Black Magic intensity Pro and a 9800 GTX + GPU ? You can capture HD content from any source with hdmi of component output. You can stream Video games to the web “example” You can also import HD video from a video camera. Together they are worth $300.


  2. Nope, Have crossfire MOBO looking to go 6870X2 or 6850X2. No trading :(
  3. Due to the new Gen releasing and many people wanting to do the same thing you are doing the prices on the 5770's have dropped so you might want to rethink the pricing -- can get a 5770 brand new with warranty for $99.99 After MIR from Newegg so $115 used is a bit high !!

    What brand are the ones you are selling ? Is the warranty on them transferable to the purchaser and how long is it ? Has the warranty been registered ? Have the cards been OC'd ? would you be willing to sell them one at a time? ( for those like me that already have one but might want a second but have no use for the third )
  4. One is XFX, the Other is Sapphire; Double lifetime warranty on both, first warranty has been registered. I'm willing to go to 200 or so, Just want to upgrade to the 6800 series.
  5. The cards have been steadily overclocked at 900/1300 MHZ since out of the box, no higher - no lower. Still have all retail materials for each card as well.
  6. Is the price for both, or just one?
  7. I might be interested. Do you have any pics? I want to see what the cooler looks like.
  8. The price is for both. Both have original cooling; No pics atm as they are running in the rig.
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