Downloaded The Orange Box off Steam and Half Life 2 doesn't work

Hey all,

I downloaded The Orange Box off Steam and everything works fine apart form Half Life 2 and Half Life 2 : Lost Coast. Does anyone know why this might be? I am running 64-bit vista. When I load the games it simply enters a blurred screen and says 64-bit mode activated. Then nothing happens......

Thanks in advance Peaks,
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  1. Hi Peaks

    I had the same problem.

    Go into your games list inside Steam, find the HalfLife2 entry, then right-click and choose Properties.

    Then click the Launch Options button and enter the following


    Then launch HalfLife2 and you should be fine.

    You should also find you need to do the same with Lost Coast.

    The 64-bit versions of those two are borked at the mo, and Valve are working on it.

    Cheers, hope it helps
  2. Yes that worked perfectly thanks dave. Any ideas when valve are gonna fix this problem. I mean The Orange Box has been out a while now its not like them to take this long with stuff!
  3. Glad that worked out for ya :D

    Well, Valve are working on it, as I write no doubt.

    They are constantly improving their games. There were no 64-bit versions of the games (or source engine) when the Orange Box was released. The only reason that the 64-bit versions now exist (and were working up until a patch a few weeks ago) is because Valve wanted to bring performance enhancements to those with 64-bit OS. Like when they added HDR to Counter Strike:Source. They didn't have to, we had already bought the game, but they just wanted to give us a better experience.

    And don't worry, their track-record is second-to-one. It will be fixed, and the 32-bit versions are still outstanding.

    Good luck with the games, they all absolutely rock. Especially Portal ;)
  4. I have the very same problem, but your solution doesn't work for me. When I open the launch options it says that these are for advanced users only (idk if it always says that).
    When I enter "-32bit" anyway and click OK, nothing seems to happen. When I launch the game, it still freezes before properly starting.
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