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Well I have a bit of a problem.... I'm trying to overclock my P4 1.7Ghz but unfortunately I have an Intel mobo so I can't... planning on buying a new one, specifically the Asus P4PE board. My question is... will the P4PE support my old 1.7ghz?

I'm using the D845WN board so I know my 1.7 is socket 478, if that helps any.
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  1. Well if your 1.7 is indeed a socket 478 then no prob... it should boot up fine... you may want to kick up your FSB though... I know 1.7 range of P4 is not nealry as powerfull as an XP 1.7+... you should have no probs kicking your FSB up to 133... that'll give you 2 some ghz.. not bad...

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