Win7 wont sleep!!

i set sleep mode to 30 mins. After, the monitor turns off but the machine is still on. Also, when i press any button, move the mouse, or press the power button, it seems as though the computer froze! It wont respond!

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  1. Sounds like you need to flash your BIOS, and update the chipset drivers.
  2. Or some other driver thats stopping it from sleeping. I had a wireless card that would stop my laptop from entering sleep mode. I would have updated it but there was only the one driver. It was a junk Dlink card so I just tossed it and bought a new one. Try bios and chipset drivers, but it could be anything.
  3. already updated my bios.

    what is chipset drivers? and where can i dl them?

    edit: also i updated my bios prior to installing win 7. do i have to do it again after installition?

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    Go into your BIOS and look for a setting that enables S3 sleep (sometimes called STR or suspend to RAM). It sounds like you are using S1 sleep right now.

    Also, while in your BIOS, look for a setting that says something like "repost video on S3 resume".

    See if that helps.
  5. Another tip,

    If you still have trouble getting sleep to work, try this program:

    MCE Standby Tool

    It has many settings that help one tweak sleep settings on a Windows PC.
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  7. went into bios and changed S1 to S3 and it works! thanks
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