system pauses every 7.5 secs!!!!

this is a copy of my post from the other place hehe SE, where btw I have gotten no help at all

Hi all I have an Asus A7V8X mobo, 2500xp chip, Radeon 9700 pro, 1 gig corsair DDR 333 ram, twin WD 80 G hard drives, CLabs Audigy 2, and lite on dvd and burner. the WD drives are on my SATA raid controlers using adapters. Now the problem. when I move my mouse across the screen it will sort of catch and stop. then jump ahead, also I have notice in games my system seems to shut down? or go to sleep for 1 second out of 10. I am getting very upset. I am on my second fresh install of XP pro, and yes its a legal copy with SP1. I have the newest Via drives as well as Radeon drives.... help anyone please help... also if i try to run 3d mark, the screen goes black and the system locks up.

ok, I think I have found my problem, however have no idea how to fix it. It seems my win xp thinks my computer has 2 yes 2 radeon 9700s in it, one AGP and one PCI... yeah a PCI R9700 LOL. I have tried removing it, disabling it, removed the drivers for it... etc with no luck. anyone have any ideas???? PLEASE!!!


Ok, I thought I had it narrowed down to the fact that my hardware mangler says i have 2 Radeon 9700s, one apg and one pci.. but now im not sure.. because after further investigation.... My pc pauses every 7.5 seconds for @.5-1 second. Not just doing graphics but downloading files as well. I have tried the following... using Asus provided VIA 4-1s v 4.42, new 4.45 and 4.46 hyperion 4-1s. All windows updates are done. Cat drivers 3.0, 3.1, 3.2. been to tried all their suggestions... I am to the point I dont think its a Radeon problem, but a motherboard problem. anyone else have any thoughts.

Asus A7V8X
1 gig Corsair DDR 333
2.5 XP 333 fsb
2x 80 G WD special edition
Radeon 9700 PRO
SB Audigy 2
Antec Moded Case
blah blah blah
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  1. With the information given, and everything you have tried already:

    I would remove all non-essensial hardware, netwrk adaptor, sound card, anything else not required to run. Although that might require you to re-activate windows, it is a good trouble shooting tecnique. If the problem is fixed, start installing cards one at a time, until it farkles up again.

    I would also try a different video card to see if that remedies the situation. Find an old AGP card somebody has laying arond (it don't matter how bad it is, as long as it is AGP). If the problem persists, it isn't that.

    If all that fails, find a PCI vid card and see if that fixes it. If not, it is beyond me as of right now

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  2. It sounds like a timed event ...
    Check your background tasks in windows...

    Look in TaskManager, Processes... watch the CPU usage and see if you can spot what's doing it. If it's an application, unload it and see if that straightens it out.

    Click Start, then Run, type MSCONFIG and click OK. Take a look in the startup tab... see what's running and turn off everything you don't need.

    Also, install and run virus scanners... I've seen virii do this as a means of screwing users around.

    It seems likely you've got something running that's soaking up your resources like crazy.

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  3. Try unplugging the second harddrive. I had a similar issue with an old computer when running with a seagate 4.1 gig drive, and a seagate 1.55 gig drive. Had that trouble in 2 different computers, 166mhz pentium and a 333 celeron. No idea to date what caused it.

    Still, possibly relative to the problem at hand?

    The biggest question is, when did you first notice the problem, what did you do to the computer?

  4. Did you ever resolve this? I found this post searching for UPS. I get something like that on my antique P3 where the system pauses and the hard drive spins. I had it before and was convinced like you seem to be (and still am) that it was/is the fault of my windows installation, re-installing didn't fix it but a reformat sure enough did. That was an upgrade installation from 98 to 2000 that was so f'd up that I didn't even have a WINNT directory.

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  5. It sounds more like a virus than a hardware problem.

    Monitor your CPU usage, it's likely there's something saturating your CPU every few seconds. In XP or 2k you should get busy and turn off all unused services and check the statrtup programs to see if there's something running that doesn't need to be.

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  6. i had a similar problem with my scsi cd rom. it wasnt as bad as yours seems to be, it was just annoying. my mouse cursor would stop every few seconds. but only after i accessed my scsi cd rom. new scsi card drivers and an updated aspi layer solved it.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
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