Far Cry 2 Problems

So i got Far Cry 2 for Christmas and I love it!!! What a great game. The problem is that it wouldn't work on my computer.

My system is as follows:
e6600 @ 3.4
6GB ram at 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1v
8800gts 320 @ 600/1990
OCZ 700w PSU
Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit

The game would install and activate properly. I set up all the settings, start the game, choose my character and start to load the game. I would get to the loading screens and the computer would start to freeze and i would hear the sound stutter and then it would come back. It would do this 2 or 3 times and by the third loading picture, it would lock up permanently and eventually exit the game.

What I tried:
Complete reformat
Newer graphics drivers
Older graphics drivers
Beta drivers
Update the game
Don't update the game
Remove all overclocking
Force dx9
Force dx10
Run the program as an administrator
Check the "run in compatibility for Windows XP" box on the .exe file
Re-install the game at least 3 different times

And when I re-formatted (which was the first thing I did) I did not install anything but drivers so as to insure no incompatibility of conflict with other software.

The solution: install windows XP 32-bit on an older hard drive and it worked perfectly.

Any thoughts??? I was really looking forward to using dx10 as this is the first game I have bought since I got vista. This was really disappointing.
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  1. You don't have a sound card? Are all of your mobo drivers up to date? Do you get any error messages or just a crash to the desktop? FC2 routinely crashes on me after ~35 minutes of play...it isn't weird for it to crash but your problem sounds odd.

    Maybe you can try the nvidia and FC2 forums if you haven't already. There could be some weird problem with Vista64 + nvidia drivers + Far Cry. If there is a fix you might find it there.

    I remember there were some weird nvidia driver issues with FC2 when it first came out but they should pretty much be fixed by now. Good luck. If you find a solution post back for us.
  2. Yea I do have a sound card. I forgot to list it. It is an older audigy card. I originally had it in but given that the game wasn't working, I took it out and went to the on board card. All drivers are updated. This is really an odd problem. All other games were working fine. I just don't understand this.
  3. Did you remove the sound card drivers too? A while back I heard of someone having issues with Creative drivers and FC2.

  4. Hey thanks for the link. I don't think I did uninstall the drivers. I'll have to try that.
  5. Remove the Overclock on your Video Card and then try it. I have heard people never having an issue with their OC and then they play FarCry2 and after 5 minutes they go black and have to reboot.

    The Game should update whenever it is launched, it is a "feature" of the game. It forces you to patch, if you launch the icon it creates.
  6. I have already tried to remove all overclocking. It didn't help. I'm almost done with it. I am off to meet the Jackel so I've given up trying to find the problem for the moment. Perhaps I'll tackel it later for online play. thanks for all the suggestions.
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