Call of Duty 4 and 5 Clan Reqruiting

Hell guys, if you want to be in a COD 4 or World at War Clan, pm message me on tomshardware or email me at

we are about community, longevity, and competitiveness. If you want to be in a clan that takes it's gaming seriousness and that's run in a professional manner than you are more than welcome to join up and fill out an application. We have a Ventrillo voice server, a COD4 and a COD World at War server. Feel free to check us out at:

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  1. Shoot And Kill ~ [sAK];

    Platforms 360 And PS3
    We are hardcore skilled gamers that would like to recruit you Brilliant players.

    You MUST Be good and COD 5 or 6
    You MUST be on forums regularly
    You MUST be at least once a week on practice times (unless reason)

    We trial you based on the info you post on our forums.

    We at the moment play COD WAW and COD MW2

    You must be mature in our clan and NOT swear or Be ABUSIVE or RACIST!!!

    If you do you will be permanently removed from the clan.

    Well, thats pretty much it, visit
    And hope to see you on COD!
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