Best engine since doom 3 and source?

I wonder what the system eqs will be.
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  1. Cool
  2. er the best engine since Doom 3 and Source was UT3. there's nothing here we didnt see when Phsyx first came out, in fact there's even less here considering the player doesnt shoot pipes and things to show what would happen with user interaction..... shooting cans in the air can be done in CSS.
  3. so please tell me a game that has all that you mentioned.
  4. i think the game was called 'Cellfactor', it was meant to launch with the original Ageia card that would show it off to its full potential.
  5. no idea, i think the game never made it to realise on the PC after Phsyx failed, however another game was realised for free using the same engine called something similar to cellfactor. then there was a cellfactor game released for the 360.
  6. Well, if Backbreaker ever gets done, Euphoria will be the best engine, even if no one uses it...
  7. im putting my bet on idtech5
  8. this game is coming soon to europe apprently its out in russia or at least has been played as is very good
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