FS: E6600 / MSI P6N SLI / GSkill 2x1GB / XFX 4870 (512) $150

I'm selling everything listed as a set for $150, and I'd prefer to sell to someone in the Dallas area since I'm here. I'll give you the XFX warranty-transfer information once sold. The CPU has a Zalman CNPS9500 on it, and the mobo's chipset also has an aftermarket cooler, as the stock MSI cooler just wasn't very good. Come and take it from me! :)

Here are the links to everything included:


CPU Cooler:



I'll assume that you're all already familiar with the CPU. ;)

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  2. Do you have the boxes for the parts?
  3. sportsfanboy said:
    Do you have the boxes for the parts?

    I have the original box only for the 4870, but I have the receipts for all of it. The setup currently resides in the box for my newest motherboard.
  4. PM sent
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  6. are you willing to ship to oklahoma?
  7. plaid311 said:

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