Sis 745 most stable and compatible...?

Hello folks.

Does it seem to be generally held that, in general, Athlon XP CPU motherboards using the Sis 745 (and Sis 645) chipset are arguably the most stable and the most compatible?

Thanks much!
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  1. I own the mSI 745 Ultra, and have owned boards both on the KT133 and KT266 and KT266A. Out of these 4, I can argue that the SiS745 is by far the most stable and compatible chipset. However, since I haver yet to own an Nforce2 board I cant vouch for that.

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  2. My nForce (MSI K7N420 Pro) is extremely stable/compatible and nForce2 boards should be same. I don't think SiS 745 can be better than nForce/nForce2

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  3. Yes, the 745 is the most stable/compatable socket 462 (Socket A) chipset.

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  4. My personal statement is, the 745 is indeed the most compatible and stable socket 462 chipset there is.

    I own an MSI 745 Ultra and have had no problems.

    The nForce 2 board offers better performance, but compatibility wise it gets its butt kicked.

    I've never seen any reviews or articles (aside from a few benchmarks) on the AMD Irongate 760 chipset, I suppose it is possbile it could be equally compatible.

    Chipsets from ALi and VIA suffer from stability issues.

    Similar to AMD, I can't speak of possible chipsets from ATI.


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