ABIT BP6 USB not working under Win2k

I am looking for suggestions and other Abit BP6 that may have this problem. I am running an Abit BP6 with dual celeron 433. USB is not working. Under the device manager I have the yellow '!' next to a device named 'Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller'.

Are there any other Abit BP6 owners with this same problem? Any recommendations on where to go for drivers that may fix ths. I have tried several sets of drivers from abit.

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  1. Try enabling it in the BIOS\CMOS
  2. have you checked what win2k says the problem is. Is it a resource conflict, device not present, etc. error. I have a friend that is running a single 466 celeron in win2k on a BP6 and he hasnt had any problems. You might want to check out www.bp6.com they seem to worship the thing and seem to know about everything about it.
  3. I'm almost positive this will solve your problem...
    Go into your BIOS and into your BIOS features setup. There is a setting there called MPS Version Control for OS. There are two possible settings, 1.1 and 1.4 . I can't recall what the defualt is, I think its 1.1 , but either way, change it to the setting its not currently at (probably to 1.4). Make sure you save your settings in the bios, and you should be good to go next time you boot into w2k.
  4. I had the same problem. you need to flash your Bios to RU version. Go to the abit website and download it, they have instructions for flashing it.
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