Four strong computers, zero ideas to use them

I'm trying to figure out a way to make use of four relatively strong media computers. I work for a school system, and they've just had these computers sitting in storage for a few years now. Initially they wanted to set them up in to some sort of server. I think they also thought about multi-box software of some sort.

I have really no clue what to do with these things. We don't need a server at all. I might work to turn them in to a small lab if I could get each computer to project 4 desktops each, but I'm not sure where to start with that.

Right now I'm looking for suggestions. What would be the best way to make use of these four machines for this school district?
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  1. You could use them for a small computer training lab to teach students, parents, teachers, or administrators basic to advanced computer skills. Or use them to teach students how to build a computer or how to repair/troubleshoot common computer problems. Probably not what you were expecting but it was the first reasonable idea that came to mind.
    Of course if none of those ideas work, you could always send one my way! I can definitely find a use for it.
    Good luck!
  2. Actually, it could be very helpful to set up a system of teachers and parents to learn more advanced skills. We are currently issuing a 1:1 netbook policy in the district so every student has their own. Teachers and parents are going to have to be able to keep up with the technology.

    I am currently looking in to multi seat technology. It's actually caught my attention quite well. In a sense I can turn one of these computers in to multiple, active and independent stations. It looks like it has it's pro's and cons. I have yet to find software that I'm comfortable trying. But this actually seems like a great way to save money, instead of buying say four cheap computers at $300 we can purchase a single machine for $700-$800 and achieve the same benefits.

    Does anyone know of a stable and reliable multi seating software? I've looked over Microsofts and so far it seems like the best deal. However I'm not sure what the price on it will be and I would still like to explore other options.
  3. i think you are talking about VDI two products that come to mind are VMware View and district also is thinking about 1:1 with macbook airs
  4. **1. Great start to a Hardware/Software class for teaching students, or programming basic course, or Linux introduction course (it's free).

    2. If you want to run multiple concurrent users you could roll out linux on them, It's the only O/S designed for it. You can do it on windows, but it will never be as stable as linux. (linux can just be hard to setup if your new too it : )

    3. Give them away as part of a competition the school can do.

    4. Installing the software from Folding@home and help fight diseases by folding proteins and get a cool banner (like mine below).

    **5. Donate them to a needy family who cannot afford a computer by talking to your local Family Services chapter.
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