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I'm looking for a USA (or even canadian) shop with good prices that will ship to the UK.

The prices you guys pay are sooo cheap compared to here.

eg hyundai 8ms screen is $359 but is £359 over here (about a £100 difference)

Anyway all advise appreciated.

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  1. Ain't gonna work. The reason prices are higher in the UK is because of the VAT. Even if you did find someone who would be willing to ship to UK you would have to pay a 20% tax before you could receive it.

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  2. maybe yes maybe not.

    PS its 17.5%
  3. Do you have friends overseas? I hook my friends up by getting it delivered to me and then shipping it to them.

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  4. I've got a mate going to NY in may. Anyone know of any good well stocked shops he can just walk into.

    PS he has nooo 'puter knowledge.
  5. I thought you can just write gift on it then you avoid the VAT. I have sent stuff to Canada and did it that way.

    I'm sure what it would cost to ship it to the UK. So how much would you save?

    I'm sure there are plenty of shops in NY. NY is expensive too.
    Best bet is get somebody in Oregon to ship it to you. They have no sales tax.hehe.

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