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I have purchased a Razor BoomSlang Mouse 2000 back in May of 2000. Out of the box it did not work. For months I went back and forth with Razors tech support on the issue of Drivers figuring this was the problem or the system I built had some kind of IRQ issue. Well I installed the mouse on three different systems and got the same failures on each. That was in Oct. and I contacted Razor about returning the mouse for replacement. Sense then I have been given the run around about wait til after Xmas, wait til the new mouse comes out, wait because of low product stock and they do know when they will be re-supplied, and finally I have been move up on the list of people waiting for replacements(Wow theres a list? Of how many?). Its now three months shy of a year with this mouse and I have yet to receive my moneys worth or any good tech support from Razor. I would like to know if there are other people out there like me who are having a simiular bad experience with Razor BoomSlang and their tech support.
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  1. I have no experiance with there tech support. I do occasionally have problems in UT and Quake with the sensitivity dropping down, making gameplay imposible.I think it may be there software.
    What type of problems exactly are you having?

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  2. Why oh why did you fools buy this mouse.....Its got a ball its gona die in a couple of months its a waste of money. Through the thing in the bin and by a MS optical mouse...Its OK and will last ages.

    Whats all this about square pegs and round holes?
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