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1. Anyone know of a Ati driver for linux that is compatible with Radeon 64mb ddr. Off an install I can get my desktop to run @ 1024x768 16bit which is fine, but I find when doing on netscape scrolling down pages looks like my refresh rate is low or something kinda laggy.

2. Can't get my cable configuration to work always have to reconfigure it. setting will stay as I have it on Dhcp but I still can't connect only after playing with them for 5 mins then I can connect.

3.Also downloaded the new linux kernel, but how the hell do I install it.

4. last but not least, anyone know where I can input ARP commands ?

Love linux hella betta than windows, and each version gets easier to use but learning curve is still alot higher than window. BuT i guess it's time to learn have been a windows lemming way to long. So some help to my question would be appreicated.

Win ME/ linux 7.2 Mandrake Dual boot
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  1. dont know about the other questions but documentation on how to install a new kernel is included in the file you downloaded.
    but you shouldnt install a new kernel unless you really need some of the new features in it. it just causes complications as your dist isn´t built for the new kernel.
  2. Hmmm I know XFree86 4 supports the Radeon. Mandrake 7.2's default is to install XFree86 3.3.6, but I've heard it gives you the option of choosing X 4.0.1 if you go Advanced Setup. 4.0.1 offers <i>much</i> better support overall for recent graphics cards, especially the Radeon.

    As for cable configuration...I assume that you're using a cable modem? In any event, if you can get it to connect at all, then something you're doing in those 5 mins of playing around with it is the right thing to do. We just need to figure out what :wink: .

    Concerning upgrading your kernel, 2.4 is just too different from 2.2 to be a simple drop-in replacement for it. I expect many things will break. Upgrading from a 2.2.x kernel to another 2.2.x kernel (or a 2.4.x kernel to another 2.4.x kernel) is not such a problem, except that each distribution typically applies its own patches and custom kernel configs to the kernel. Replacing their modified kernel with a stock kernel is also likely to break things. The best thing to do is to see if your distro producer offers kernel upgrade packages compatible with its own custom config.

    You probably <i>won't</i> find a 2.4 kernel upgrade package distributed for Mandrake 7.2. For that, your best bet is to go for a distro built on the 2.4 kernel (such as SuSE 7.1, RedHat 7.1 beta, or the upcoming Mandrake 8.0). If you feel quite daring, though, you can read up on the <A HREF="" target="_new">Kernel HOWTO</A> and test your luck :wink:

    As for ARP commands...hmmm, good question. I'm assuming some device like a cable router can get an IP address, and ARPing it is one way of doing that. IMHO this is the <i>only</i> reason to use ARP at all. My best suggestion would be to check out rarpd at and see if it can do what you need. (Damn this forum markup for screwing up FTP URLs!)

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  3. Thanks for the reply
    I've gonna reinstall and try that advanced option. And i'll take your advice and stay away from the 2.4 kernel. As for the DCHP cable connection is really pissing me off, but atfer I reinstall i'll try a different approach and see what kinda results I get thank you so much for the reply
    learning a new OS can be a difficult thing.
  4. I got my internet connection thing firuged out
    it seems linux likes it better when I use network connection instead of cable connection!
    Also I did the format and wasn't able to find anything in expert or customize about changing my XFree86 from 3.3 to 4.
    I think i'm gonna try updating my netscape to version 6
    cause the screen refresh is really slow when scrolling web pages! hopefully that might help
  5. Avoid Netscape 6 if you can. It's actually buggier than the Windows version. Stick with the 4.XX until they get it right.
  6. Actually, Mozilla is showing a lot of promise. Even though it's still beta, it's more stable than either Netscape 4.75 or Netscape 6.

    If you have to keep Netscape around, you're better off with 4.75.

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  7. I recommend opera 5.0 beta 6, very fast & stable, fonts look better than Netscape's.
    But its adware unless you register it.
  8. Yes Opera is a very good and stable, I forgot about that one, good reccomendation!
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