Windows 7 Ultimate - 3 Computers

I would like to install Win 7 Ultimate on my 3 home machines.

Do I need to purchase 3 separate copies of the program , one for each computer?

Are there any other options?

I currently have an OEM version of XP and I am able to install it in all 3 computers without needing a serial number.

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  1. You need 3 licences.
  2. Get the family pack.
  3. i wouldn't recommend Ultimate, i think home premium would be fine for most home users

    the only reason i will be using Professional is that is what i get from my school for free (Computer Science major), normally i would have gone for home premium
  4. Yes, you do. If you don't need a serial number to install XP, then you must have 3 computers all from the same manufacturer. To upgrade them all to Windows 7, you must purchase 3 licenses... one for each. The reason you're able to get away with one copy of XP is because each computer already has a license for it and since they're likely from the same manufacturer, the same OEM CD works for all of them without asking for a product key.
  5. I'd also recommend against Ultimate - I don't think anyone would need all those features.

    I do believe you'll need 3 licenses, but a family pack might be right for you.
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    Regardless of whether you go Ultimate, or with the Home Premium family pack as others have suggested, you will need 3 licenses (the family pack is essentially 3 serials in one package). If there is a feature in Ultimate that you must have, then go for it. Otherwise, save yourself some cash and get a lower SKU.
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