Discipline your Mentally Disabled Daughter

I guess I can't judge how other parents raise up there children... But man does this guy take it to the Extreme :o . His Daughter suffers ataxic cerebral palsy which causes difficulty with balance, hand and feet movements and speech and he still goes in there and beats the crap out of her. The sad part is that he has done this more then ones!

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  1. My parents can't hit me after I turn about 9 because by that time I am almost as big as they are. That video is even worse than Asian parents discipline and using belt is just sick.
  2. I was often corrected by my parents. And I remember it well! but never in this way.

    Poor girl.

    Some people don't deserve to be parents...
    They only deserve to bend over that fuc*king bed while I hold the belt.
  3. I couldn't watch the whole video, it made me so angry.

    Bad enough to go medieval on a non-handicapped child, let alone one with CP.

    My niece has CP and she an be a handful, she uses her disability to get her way, but I barely ever heard my brother raise his voice let alone give her a belt whipping. I don't care what this girl did, there is nothing in that video that would remotely give those parents the benefit of doubt.

    Big man with a belt, fvc*ing pvs%y. As%h0le mother.
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