Explorer.exe Takes Too much ram??

I was wondering how much ram teh Explorer.exe PRocess in windows XP takes up, this is becuase mine takes up about 128MB or even more but it keeps slowing dowm my computer loads, its goes like a snails pace, I have done a virus check and a Adware removal tools and this is not been able to find anything!
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  1. does it do this from the moment that you start up your computer?

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  2. quick solution is to shut it down and restart (eXplorer.exe that is), and this is common problem with XP, especially if you are "working" with movie files (.avi in particular;)

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  3. I have this same problem. Is there no fix for it? I have simply been killing the process and running it again. It's fairly annoying, and yes I notice it alot when working with avi files

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  4. IT never used to do it, i had always had the computer on for a long periods of time and nuthign happened, but recently this has been happening, and it takes 100% of teh processor time, there must be a fix for it!! yeah definatey with movie files, so i have decided to run it with another software that seeems to be doin fine, I think whenever i play video files on WMP then it happens, not using it anymore
    IF anyone has other ideas on how to fix it please let me know
  5. Thanks, if any of you have any sols please let me know
  6. Rename the .avi files' extension to something diffirant (.v, .m, .x, .blah) and associate them to be opened with player your heart desires (and you rename them ALL all over the place), set XP to not pop the tool tip text file properties when you point over the file with the mouse. That's pretty much should make it 50% more "stable" (if there is such a thing with windows).

    I use w2k specifically because of that super-pooper explore.exe in XP is trying to "hang on to it" and not die (100% CPU shows how hard it is "trying";o)

    w2k simply restarts within 10 seconds and everything is back to "normal" ;)

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  7. This is a common bug in windows. I've just gotten really used to restarting explorer and moving on.

    I hope they fix it with sp2.

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  8. ""I hope they fix it with sp2.""

    Hehehe, it is dragging from original w2k till XP SP1, what do you think will make them fix it in SP2 (3,4;?)

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  9. Because I asked nicely ;)

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  10. Ooowh! If even MS can't resist your politeness, I would ask you to talk to a dealer next time I'll go get a new SUV for my lady, gg

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