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Using Vista (32-bit), can you typically run most games from the XP/2000/ME era, assuming you meet the other system requirements?
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  1. Many can be played, but it's worth checking any specific games.
  2. Cannot think of any with issues. Some '98 games i have a vague memory of not working but im afraid the brain cells holding the names of the specific titles have long since passed.
  3. You can play most games from the xp era those that dont work when you install them try using a no-cd patch or similiar the only problem you will normally find is incompatibility with dodgy DRM systems.

    Thankfully the pirates will help you get over those issues for free, the people who you paid for your software will at best say "we dont support vista for that game" In fact DRM software is so bad that sometimes you will even need to pay the pirates a visit for software which claims to support vista on the box, Colin Mcrae dirt was one for me which despite claiming vista compatibility on the box, only worked once I used a patch provide by the guys flying the jolly roger...

    Theres something really messed up with systems designed to stop piracy forcing legitimate buyers to go to pirates for technical support...

    Ive not had much luck with Windows 95/98 software (although most of that didnt work with xp either) but older Dos games etc can still be ran through dosbox.
  4. The cutoff point seems to be Win 95 titles. I've been able to get pretty much everything past that to work without much hassle.
  5. My computer is an HP laptop with an AMD X2 Turion ZM-80 (2.1 GHz), 3 GB DDR2 RAM, and ATI Radeon HD 3200.

    Will this be good enough to play games a few years old, such as Star Wars Jedi Academy, Matrix: Path of Neo, and similar?
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