Help me find a good game like QFG

I've been dying to play a game like Quest For Glory, Spacequest, Monkey Island or Loom. I am kind of getting tired of FPS games and although COD is a blast it gets old...I want one of these games that has some kind of witty humor in it and stuff. Maybe I am just having a moment of nostalgia but are there any good new games out like some of these old classics? I know there are remakes of some of them by fans, but most of the sites the projects have been abandoned or don't update their sites for like 3 years at a time lol.

I was thinking of trying The Witcher...tried the Bard's Tale (that sucked)

So any good Single player RPG's out there? I've been searching and searching trying to find something.

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  1. Titanquest, you can get it off steam.
    Great RPG, 36 Classes in total! Cheap as well, £10.50 with the expantion.
    If you do get it then go straight for the Expantion, skip the original. Just adds a few features to the game that you will need.
  2. I agree with the last poster. I am currently playing TitanQuest Gold myself and really enjoy it. It is a hack n slash like Diablo, but gets rid of the stamina issue. The graphics are nice and the customization you can do with the classes is very nice. Beats Diablo out in that respect. Start out with Immortal Throne and skip Titan Quest altogether. You will really like having the caravan and shared storage available to you.
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