PS3 quick questions?

Buddy has been using a PS3, got rock band 2 over the holidays, and it was a blast! So, I gotta get one. Couple quick questions:

First -- which PS3, 80g or 160gb... will 80gb fill up fast?

Second -- my tv is a 10 yr old tube... do I need a new HDTV? (I am secretly hoping I do!)

Third -- the internets... I got comcast cable going to a modem going to my ethernet card. Pretty basic wired stuff. Will I need to upgrade to Wifi or will what I got work?
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  1. Go 80gb if you'll just be gaming, 160gb if you plan on storing media and stuff on it. I have the 40gb and have around 30gb free on it after over a year.

    You don't need an HDTV, but obviously it would look much better on one.

    The PS3 has an ethernet port and built in wifi, so you can do either.
  2. Space doesn't matter all that much on the PS3. Even with games that require "installation" to run, (like Metal Gear Solid 4) you won't have to worry about it.

    And the PS3 supports pretty much every output method. So really, the thing will work with a standard-def TV through a single composite cable. Of course, that will limit the resolution you can get, since the PS3 CAN output to up to 1080p. (though a lot of games will render at 720p and simply stretch it up)

    And yeah, the PS3 has an Ethernet jack. earlier on, as I recall, the cheapest version of the PS3 (the 20GB one) didn't even include Wi-Fi to begin with. I believe the Wii is the only console that requires Wi-Fi for networking.
  3. 40 gig is more than enough

    On a regular TV PS3 looks so so but on a nice screen its damn pretty

    I prefer wire vs wireless when it comes to my PS3 but both work
  4. It's worth noting, of course, that using Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi, at least with what adapters the PS3 has built-in, will be both faster and with less lag; Wireless connections always have more lag than wired ones, and the real-world sustained transfer speed difference between the two is larger than their theoretical peaks would suggest; you're FAR more likely to maintain close to 100 mbps with 100-meg Ethernet than you are to maintain 54 mbps with Wi-Fi 802.11g.
  5. just wondering is there a software to copy ps3 games to your ps3?
  6. pholca said:
    just wondering is there a software to copy ps3 games to your ps3?

    The million dollar question. The you would never have to buy a game, just rent and forever.
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