Why all the uber love for A7N8X Dlx?

I'm building a machine, and I've looked at almost all of the Nforce2 Mobos. Some are better performers than others, and some companies have better BIOS for ocd'ing. But almost EVERYONE here reccomends the A7N8X deluxe. I know that Asus is the best, but what about the Abit NF7-S? It has equal features, and is 25 bucks lower in price.

So here's my real question. I like the Abit NF7-S because of its optical out (for my MD player). But I would be willing to use normal analog output if the Asus A7N8X is CONSIDERABLY better. Asus is great, but I've heard good things about Abit as well. It's at the high-middle of the road in performance, and the benchmark gaps are very tiny. Thanks to all who respond!

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  1. Well first off, when you say "So here's my real question", you may want to ask a question after that. But enough nitpicking.

    I've heard good things about the Abit board. You'll see many recommendations for the ASUS board because there are more A7N8X's being purchased than any other board. ASUS is the market leader, and has one of the better reputations for building quality products. Thus, you'll usually see people buying more ASUS boards than others. That doesn't mean the Abit board is bad.

    Get a board that has all the features you prefer at a price you're comfortable with. Don't buy a board simply because lots of other people are buying it. I don't think you'll find a HUGE difference in performance between many of the nforce2 boards. A board having the features you want may provide all the reason that it's "considerably better" for you. As you said, the benchmark differences are small.

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  2. Yeah, thanks. I just wanted to know if there was something EXTRAordinary about it. If it's just popular, respected, and good, then I'll go with the Abit and save the $25 buckeroos

  3. Oh yeah.
    I was thinking about the same thing too. So i ordered a NF7-s
    from newwegg and it should be here today. The reason I buy it
    is because Abit's KG7-R is the board I every used....so, does
    that makes me a Abit fan? perhaps, I just dont want to spend
    the extra money on a A7N8X DLX becuase everybody else has it

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  4. Great! If you've got the time, tell me how that wen't as I'm going to get mine in about a month or two when the dough starts to flow. I like the board too because there's an extra space between the AGP slot and the PCI slot, so you don't lose one of the PCI slots due to a heatsink/fan.

  5. Well, I can tell you im hating the a7n8x at the moment, i just purchased and installed it an hour ago and windows wont boot, thats fine, I only use windows for playing games couple times a month and all my work gets done in linux, but its not comfortable knowing it wont boot. I was getting kernel panics, so i did a in-place upgrade on winxp sp-1 and the installer reboots the computer while installing the hardware. this is my first asus board in years (i never did like asus) and now im regretting it, cause i have to now recomplile my kernel for ntfs support and backup windows so i can do a complete reinstall, which from the looks of it might not even work.

    i will also put my other hate for this board, the phoenix bios. there is no fail-safe mode, and all the tweaking in the world even 100mhz bus, 7 3 3 cas3 sdram settings, and disabling all onboard perhipials will get me booted.

    you might not have as much bad luck as me, but i would not recommend upgrading without doing a full reinstall of windows. also checkout the MSI k7ng-fisr or whatever its called, to me it seems to be a much better board with better support, adds bluetooth, but doesnt have dual lan (who cares?). also i think the only reason thg picks the asus as the best nforce2 board (other than there ever growing bias for asus) is the fact that the serial-ata controller on the asus is better. but who is using that? exactly. not even thg uses serial-ata when they benchmark the boards, so how can they claim the asus is better.
  6. too add to this mess of a board i have downloaded the newest bios revision from the asus website (an8b102a.awd). when using either the downloaded awdflash or the onboard awdflash utility (alt+f2 during post) the flash utility freezes.

    even more, asus's techinical support email form is broken so it is impossible to get a rma from them. shows alot for the quality of thg's motherboard manufacturer of the year for 2 years running. i will be returning this to the point of purchase tomorrow and never again will i trust either thg or asus for recommendations on building pcs or high quality components. stick with msi or the slower but stable abits.
  7. Uhh...YEAH...changing motherboards usually DOES require re-installing Windows...

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  8. Thanks. Good luck with the problems too. I think that the MSI board looks good, and I also like the Abit board. I generally like MSI video cards, but I prefer some of the features of the Abit Mobos. I do like the SATA stuff, and the Abit board has the same SATA controller as the Asus. The Abit seems every bit as good as the Asus, and the dual ethernet is the most useless function ever. I have three ethernet cards sitting around doing nothing. I could have quadruple ethernet if I wanted! Asus is just good at hyping a good product to be of godly proportions. Not to deny the quality of their stuff, but they aren't the only choice.

  9. you have to re-install windows when you change motherboards.

    This really re-affirms the point i've been making about this board for 2 months. If you know what you're doing, don't do a half-ass job at it and dont put really old worthless equipment in it, this board is really awesome. Alot of people do alot of things wierd, not installing windows fresh, running win98 on this board, putting a pci video card in it. The analogy I always use is they're trying to put old 1970's Volkswagon bug parts into a ferrari, but then wonder why it doesn't perform like a ferrari.
  10. Hey i put nothing funky in mine and it still died bios i believe. It had 2x 512 pc 2700 samsung ram xp 2100+ gforce 4 ti 4200 400w antec psu a2.6 gig harddrive with windows xp sp1 and 100 gig second harddrive for apps and games. it died after a month of daily use. Just stopped posting. Every thing works in msi kt4v ran mem test for 6 hours no probs.

    OH crap its on fire again
  11. well, i took the asus a7n8x back, and yeah im running current hardware, athlon 1800+, ti4200 128mb, audigy2, 2x ibm 60gxp's, pioneer 16x, and plextor 48x, intel pro/100s, etc. only hardware i changed when doing the swap is the mobo and ram, that doesnt require a reinstall, the first time you click your mouse in windows you might as well reinstall cause the os is dirty from the beginning, oh yeah, this is xp-sp1. swapping mobos has nothing to do with how windows runs, you could take out your nforce2/athlon/ddr, and drop in a 850/p4/rdram without any issues, then back again, windows will detect the new chipsets and hardware and either install the drivers or prompt for drivers. linux booted fine after swapping which is even more picky at the hardware you give it. so dont tell me windows has to be reinstalled, which i did attempt to do, but the installer reboots the computer while installing drivers, then setup has to restart.

    i took the mobo back and traded it for the msi k7n2g (my fav brand), i buy my hardware direct from a distributor, so they know thier stuff and said the a7n8x has huge reliability problems, and the msi is a much better and stable board. took it home and booted right up.

    to all of you that have this board and its running fine, great, to the rest of you, stay clear, not worth the hassle. check the knowledge base at asus.com to see for yourself.
  12. A new board SHOULD be compatible with Win98/old hardware. Every other baord I have come accross runs win 98 perfectly and also will run PCI graphics cards aswell. The A7N8X has a problem. And BTW, using Win 98 is not Weird, a lot of people dont want to shell out the $500 it costs to upgrade operating system every year.

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  13. When I buy a mobo I expect it to support my hardware. If Asus did enough rsearch into what hardware exists in the world they wouldnt have the problem of only supporting stuff thats brand new. If you hadnt already noticed, MSI and Epox and Abit all make nForce2 boards - None of which are incapable of running a PCI vga card or win 98. The A7N8X is a pathetic motherboard.

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  14. dude the a7n8x kicks ass unless you haven't a clue of what you're doing. Of course they're gonna be a few doa's out there, any motherboard, any brand, ever produced have had doa's, that's just manufacturing for you. However, just because a motherboard isn't as stable with an operating system 5 years old as it is with a newer one isn't something to bash the motherboard with. And 500 dollars for an operating system? You can get xp home for 110, xp pro for 140 or so online. What other program are you using that is 5 years old? My guess would be hardly any.
  15. Using Win98 with any nForce(1)/nForce2(2) board is asking for trouble. At least my MSI K7N420 Pro says that. Tried Win98 with it (w/ older 1.05 drivers). It was a terrible experience. But WinMe, Win2000 and WinXP works 100% OK. Don't know using newer drivers can fix these issues I've encountered.

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  16. As a gamer using any hardware that has issues with Windows98 is out of the question...many of the classics will only run under 98 (Carmageddon2 to use one example) so a motherboard that has problems with dual-booting to 98 or XP isn't for me....

    *pets GA-7VAXP kt400 mobo fondly*
  17. I own A7N8X Deluxe and I like it. Well, actually every hardware has its good points and problems at the same time, there are no perfect hardware which never gives any trouble to user. What we should do is concerning our own usage before any purchase. As example: I have decided to get a AMD Athlon XP 2600+, I'm going to upgrade my OS to WinXP Pro, I don't feel like purchase a sound card, so I would go for nForce2 mobo and by the time I went to my retailer I get Asus A7N8X Deluxe which get good review. So basically we must know what we are doing, what's in our mind. (do I need these features or so) Study the hardware first, go through the forum to look at the problem and what makes the problem, is it just individual or everyone having the same trouble. There are many people don't have any problem but don't take any chance. A7N8X Deluxe is a great mobo, it might not be the best. If your A7N8X Deluxe is working fine and suits your requirement, congratulation to you but if it doesn't work, just exchange or return it and don't make a fuss here saying "I hate this" or "I hate that".

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  18. the a7n8x deluxe has 2 lan outputs as one is for networking the 2nd is for broadband im guessing they did this so 1) makes it easy for internet connection sharing (broadband) 2) you dont need to install a 2nd network card if you use adsl
  19. Ok, so $500 was a bit overkill, but win XP Home Retail in UK costs about £220 or about $330, with the OEM version costing about half of that. Ok, so im beginning to be turned by the operating system thing. I suppose if a new piece of hardware (nForce2) requires parts of a new OS to run, it could only be expected to work well with that new OS. Then again, the hardware issue is still a bit annoying. We shouldnt be espected to upgrade our standardised hardware just because we are buying a new mobo - a new mobo should accept all standard Hardware.

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  20. I completley agree with you that we shouldn't be required to update our hardware/software all the time, get new software for new hardware, etc.. but that's just the way it is. As new hardware comes out that can support new features, do many new things that the software can't support. It's in your best interest to upgrade to the newest software anyways to get the best performance out of the hardware you just purchased. When you spend as much money as people do to upgrade their systems, you should always want as much performance out of it as you can get, which usually requires a software update of some kind. I hope this makes some sense and you don't keep bashing the nforce2 based boards, cus they really are awesome if you use them how they're intended to be used.

  21. Pk, perhaps your right. I have yet to see an nforce2 board in action (and considering why my friends doesnt work is because he only has a shitty 350watt PSU) I shouldnt really bash them that much. However, I will still continue to recommend the MSI version as it has so far been shown to be slightly faster than the rest. However, I do hope to get a new mobo soon (the FSB limits of my MSI 745 Ultra are prohibiting my Tbred B overclock) so then I shall see.

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