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Selling my XFX 5870.
Runs at 943/1300 @ stock volt, could do better with a better cooler. Passes 960/1300 Furmarck, 950/1300 most bench but I had to lower the clock for Black ops, I guess the game is a big young (I have some issue on idle and I am not the only one!) new patch should fix most performance issues.

I was about to adapt the XTREME accelero to that card, but it is a lot of job to do. I can adapt if that's my only hope to sell the graphic card. I'll, of course, test it, post proofs, I just need to know if there's any one interested.

I'll ask 50% for the initial cooler price (35-40$) it was 75$ when I bought it. Sigh.
The card, I have not much idea, make an offer and I'll see.

Oh and I got it since September.

Note: Let me know if I am posting on the wrong section.
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  1. It does not take long at all to put those XTREME accelero coolers on..I have 2 5870's in CF and it took me 20 min total to do both cards.
  2. Not on rev2 board ;)
  3. I'll give you all the lint in my pocket, a dead parrot, a Quadruple A battery, and a floppy disc with all of my childhood memories on it. And a dead spider. (squished) and some rotten dog food. Please let me know RIGHT AWAY if this will suffice to your needs.... if not im willing to throw in my button collection.
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