How to reinstall Linux

My computer currently has 3 OS installed - Win98, WinXp and RedHat Linux. I want to remove RedHat and put Mandrakes on.

My question is what are the steps I need to take in order to remove RedHat and install Mandrake (without affect Winw98/Xp)? I am using LILO.

I am a beginner in Linux. Any help would be really appreciated.
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  1. Just boot from the mandrake cd, when it gets to the partitioning part, just format the redhat partition and keep on going.

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  2. Do I need to change anything in LILO? or it should automatically point to Mandrake when it overwrites Redhat?

    What about the swap space? Do I just point that to the exising one created by Redhat?
  3. actually, you'll reinstall the whole thing, so you'll reinstall LiLo completely.
  4. Mandrake will reinstall a bootloader for you, so don't worry about that. Yeah, and just select the same swap partition you did for redhat.

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  5. Thanks guys!! I really appreciate your help!!
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