Asus P7P55D-E and Corsair TX750W PSU for sale 200$


I am selling my Asus P7P55D-E. My brother was selling his computer and I stole his EVGA classified 200 for 100 bucks! :na:

I am planning to crossfire my build but the power supply isn't enough powerful for a 5970 + 5870...

I bought the P5P77D-E 160$, I am selling it 125$. The PSU was 130$, I am selling it 90$. Both for 200$

Used them since september, ambient bellow 20C.
The PSU never worked up to 80% (up to that it's killing the longevity of the PSU). Maxed at 55% capacity which is the sweet spot according to Corsair (around 50%).

I overclocked the CPU to 3.2Ghz turbo on 1.176v uncore = stock (turbo on = 3.8Ghz) Dram = 1.35, PLL= stock, IMC = stock with power saving feature on.

Never got any problem with the board, the BIOs are pretty simple, the mobo has nice features and I never got any BSOD while overclocking.

If you have any comment or price suggestion, I am still open.

I live in Canada, montreal.
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