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I'm looking for a 22" gaming monitor. What decent ones are there out there at the moment? What sort of specifications should i be looking for?

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  1. Look out for brightness, contrast and response time.

    You can't go far wrong with a, LG or Samsung, so long as you don't buy an older model.
  2. Agreed. Also demo a few locally if you can. Some monitors can have pretty annoying back light bleeding.
  3. That's a good point. Also, always check as many reviews as you can before buying something like this, it's a highly opionated peripheral.

    One man's ______ is another man's _______. (can't remember the proverb)

    One person might love the look of a monitor's image, whereas someone else might hate it for exactly same reason!
  4. I have bought this and its love it, had no probs and I think the quality is excellent for games/movies. 22" screen, 2ms refresh rate, samsung, gd contract brightness etc: Samsung Aqua SM2253LW 22" TFT Monitor 1680x1050 1000:1 300CD/M2 2ms DVI widescreen. Bought from ebuyer uk @ £140 - love it. If I was buying one now, go for the 22" samsung rose. - this new samsung monitor is awesome.
  5. When looking at the specs of different monitors be aware that refresh rates are not always the same, some will show grey to grey others a full off to on and back etc. Also contrasts some show a dynamic range others what the screen actualy is.
  6. mi1ez said:

    One man's ______ is another man's _______. (can't remember the proverb)

    I believe its Penis, and Peril.
  7. pr2thej said:
    I believe its Penis, and Peril.

    Meat and poison is how I heard it :D.

    And I hate my samsung LCD's for gaming use :D. But thats not because samsung are worse than other LCD's its just I only get along with LCD's for desktop \ internet \ office work.
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