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I love playing online with games that have LOTTTTTSS of players but i dont really like WoW. Its kind of childish to me. A friend of mine plays everquest but im not sure if its a massive game that has millions of players. I seem to really care about the fact of whether a game has alot of players or not. Can anyone suggest a MMORPG that is similar to both or can someone help me feel better about WoW or EQ2?
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  1. This thread has got Warhammer O nline written all over it.
    Depends what you like about WoW really...nothing has the scale of players that WoW has. Eve Online comes close but that is because there is only one massive server.
    Are you a PvE or PvP person? Im assuming you got to max level and at least had a good shot at the game btw...
  2. Never got to a max level but played the game daily for about a year constantly playing multiple characters...i LOVE PVP so thats what i really strive for...know anything about EQ2?
  3. yea, dont bother with it :D

    The PvP in wow is very good imo...mainly due to Arena.
    Ive played in the higher brackets as Shaman, Warrior and Paladin (s1 king!) and it took up a lot of my time.

    Its an old cliche but its always worth saying - WoW doesnt really begin until you are max level, and no game comes close to the community they have.

    I'd say, stick with a class and focus on levelling it as fast as poss. My record is level 70 in 3.5 days /played and took about another 2 throuth WotLK so its doable if you concentrate on one toon...stay outta the BG's! :p
  4. Ok can you just give me a quick reason why i shouldnt bother with EQ2?
  5. From Mar of 2000 until early this month I had played Everquest. I know they don't have millions of players anymore. More like about 250,000 now. All of the other online games have been whittling away at their subscribers. With that being said, it is still a pretty fun game, but mostly one of people that solo alot. Ever since they introduced mercenaries that you could purchase, grouping has become pretty nil.

    I tried WoW on a friends account....didn't hold my interest very long. I played for about 4 days and got a warrior up to lvl 16.

    I went back to playing Eve Online. This is the kind of game I had been looking for to take me away from Everquest. You can see, when you log in, how many people are online. The average that I have seen hovers around 26,000 people. From what I understand, everyone plays in the same game. No multiple servers with their own game and you hope you get on the same one as your friends. I am sure they still have a server farm for redundancy sake, but everyone plays together. In it you can be a mercenary, merchant, miner, or pirate or any combo of them. WWW.EVE-ONLINE.COM is the site if you want to check it out. It has PVP if you want it, or you can do your own thing....however, if someone wants to, they can take you out at any time, any place. Doesn't happen very often.
  6. You cant love PvP that much, your playing WoW lol

    Try playing a real PvP game, Shadowbane (now free to play), or perhaps if you think your up to it, UO (free server).

    You know those "nintendo like" gaming systems that you buy for toddlers, you plug them into the tv and you get a joystick.

    That's the equivalent to WoW PvP, as compared to playing oooooo I dont know, CoD on PS3.

    Any honest MMO PvP fan would repeat what I said above. The only reason people play WoW is becuase:

    One, its the first MMO they played, and its the first "drug" they have tasted and now are hooked.

    Two, they are afraid to loose anything. Basically its a carebear game.

    But hey, what do I know, im sure someone from WoW will say its the best game ever.

    Good luck.
  7. I just want a game with tons of players where i can solo(dont like group play too much), and that has good pvp cause like i said im all about the online gameplay
  8. Well, like I said, if you want to PvP, have it depend on personal skill and not gear, then most likely play Shadowbane.

    Soloing is 75% of the game, populated servers and its free.

    Good luck
  9. Terrible analogy espslyxerx2, the pvp in wow is complex enough if you arent scared of going against the cookie cutters.
    The community and support exist, and if you think that the reason it has so many subscribers is down to the 2 reasons you posted then i cant take anything you say seriously as its clearly biased.

    To be fair, WAR online has improved PvP, however it doesnt have the community. Eve has a verrrrry steep learning curve and requires a lot of time to get anywhere near enjoyable.
    Hence...staying with my original recommendation...max level and play a bit of Arena see watcha think.
  10. How bad is Shadowbane's rubber banding issue? Im always up for new games, but ive read this is a serious issue....and in a PvP based game thats a big problem.
  11. Agreed about the analogy, was not the best but, gets the point across I was trying to make.

    I tried playing WoW, only becuase a majority of my freinds play.

    To say the least, its the last game on the list I would play for PvP.

    Its unfurtnetly gear based and as far as building a toon, you dont have many options from building a cookie cutter toon.

    You have a tree of talents or skills, you pick the best ones and thats it.

    SB and UO both have a skill system where you pick the skills you want. From the type of weapon you want to use, to the type of armor you want to wear or spells etc you want to use.

    The part that sets these games apart from WoW the most is these games are not gear based, its how good the player is.

    Compare that to WoW, anyone with the best gear will more then likely win.
  12. The lag issues have been significantly decreased.

    The only main lag issue now is at the top of the hour it lags up for about a minute. This may only be at mine times but its pretty minor.

    SB is worlds apart from WoW. My friends hate the game simply because they don't want to loose anything.

    In SB, you can loose your entire city, or take someone else's. The game gives you complete freedom. The people that play SB love this aspect and will never go to a game such as WoW.

    I recommend anyone that is into PvP and building one-off characters to try SB.

    Leveling, gear and gold are very easily attainable.

    Give it a try, its downloadable and now free.
  13. Heh...Gear just makes it more of a was a great feeling putting an S4 on their ass with a baby toon.

    It is certainly a barrier to PvP, and it would be good to get a better matching system in Arena because currently thats one of the major issues with it. There have been plenty of suggestions thrown about but Blizz have yet to implement something that works. Personal rating slowed the process down but that was it really.

    I'm interested enough in SB to give it a shot myself anyway (sorry for hijacking R121991 ! ), i sold my 3rd WoW account recently and i must admit im missing the PvP so may as well try something new. Got a link to a good starter guide?
  14. Starter guide, heh, dont know lol

    I would try the SB wesbite:

    Great forum, I would try this.

    Doing a quick search I found as a starter guide:

    Just from my own advice:

    Make a stealther toon and a preist at the same time (two accounts).

    You can kill mobs with the stealther, recall, bank the gold and items and summon your guy back with the priest.

    I would recommend a mage assassin. They do high DPS and can stealth.

    Dont worry about runes or anything. Your first toons will suck, you will eventually delete them and make a better one.

    For the assy go Shade Mage from the starting screen, for the preist make a Dwarf Healer.

    At lvl 10, you will promote into the class you want (assy & preist)

    For lvling, you will be on noob island untill lvl 23, after that you go to the mainland. Open pvp in every single place except like 3 player citys. As soon as you walk out of the safe zone, your open for pvp.

    It will obviosly take some time to get used to everything. But you should beb able to get to lvl 50+ within a days gaming session. You will enough money to train and you will have enough gear to be usefull.

    In SB, you can pvp as lvl 50 with lvl 75's, its completely player based skills.
  15. One more thing, make sure you do NOT play on any server except Thurin. Thurin has the highest population. The other servers are considered "dead".
  16. Thx for the tips, ill take a look on Sunday i think provided i can pull myself away from FM09 :D
  17. I agree with you Pr2thej. Eve does have a steep learning curve. It took pretty much all of my 14 day trial to get a good grasp of it and there are still things I learn on a regular basis I still find it pretty enjoyable and the graphics are really nice in it too.
  18. Everquest != EQ2
    Everquest is like 10 years old, EQ2 launched with WoW.

    There's a 10 day trial that sort of shows the game, but it's very limited. The key, as with any MMO, is finding a guild or group to play with regularly.

    For $40 or less you can get the current expansion and all previous expansions and packs, just make sure it's the current Shadow Odyssey.

    It's not the game it was in 2005. Better? Worse? I keep ending up back there.
  19. If you're getting tired of fantasy MMORPG games, you could try MMORTS, MMOTSG, MMOSSG, MMOFPS or scifi MMORPG/MMOFPS games.

    MMORTS - I don't really know what to recommend in this genre. Maybe traditional RTS games in multiplayer mode are better than MMORTS games.

    MMOTSG - The only one I know is "Navy Field". It's a really nice game if you like these types of games.

    MMOSSG - Jumpgate Evolution might be good when it's released this or next year.

    Scifi MMORPG/MMOFPS - The only good and very unique one I know is "Face of Mankind" but it will relaunch only after 2-5 months. Some people seem to like "Anarchy Online", "Neocron", "Tabula Rasa", etc.

    MMOFPS - The only ones I've tried are "Planetside" and "WW2 Online". I'd say that traditional FPS games in multiplayer mode are better than pure MMOFPS games. Maybe "Huxley" will be a nice MMOFPS.
  20. I suggest giving World War IV a try at This is a free game, not as large as the games you're talking about, but it has a good community.
  21. the new star wars game looks good it is an mmo check it out and check out this trailer for it...
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