FS: Two SLI EVGA GTX 260 Superclocked: $250 for both

Selling my two SLI EVGA GTX 260, SUPERCLOCKED editions ->

$250 for both, that's $135 for each. '
They are 100% functional, no problems/artifacts with them whatsoever.
Also, notice the 4.5 star rating.

With my Core i9 @2.8GHz and 6GB RAM, without any overclock I run:

BF Bad Company 2 at HIGH @ 50-60 fps
World of Warcraft Cataclysm at ULTRA HIGH @ 50-100+ fps, depending on area
Metro 2033 DX10 at medium @ 60 fps

So these 2 cards in SLI run everything, and almost all games at maximum.
At the store, on the cheapest deal, you'd be playing $180 x 2 = $390 for both.

If interested, call or text me at 714 - eight seven eight - 1049
Local pickup @ Fullerton, California, USA

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